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Set accessor for Panel type browsable property with custom editor

Hi experts I''ve created a custom UITypeEditor and associated the Editor to a property of type Panel for an user control and created. It works fine with Get accessor and open my Editor form.But while try to give a Set accessor for the prioperty, the property edit style has been changed to Drop-Down list. I wonder how this is happening. public override UITypeEditorEditStyle GetEditStyle(ITypeDescriptorContext context) { if (context != null && context.Instance != null) { return UITypeEditorEditStyle.Modal; } return base.GetEditStyle(context); } public override object EditValue(ITypeDescriptorContext context, IServiceProvider provider, object value) { if (context != null && context.Instance != null && provider != null) { if( value.GetType() != typeof(Panel)) return value; object originalValue=value; _context=context; edSvc = (IWindowsFormsEditorService)provider.GetService(typeof(IWindowsFormsEditorService)); if (edSvc != null) { AssemblyEditorForm collEditorFrm= new AssemblyEditorForm(); //CreateForm(); collEditorFrm.ItemChanged +=new HCLT.E95UI.BaseFramework.AssemblyEditorForm.InstanceEventHandler(collEditorFrm_ItemChanged); collEditorFrm.ContentPanel =(System.Windows.Forms.Panel) value; context.OnComponentChanging(); collEditorFrm.ShowDialog(); if(collEditorFrm.Result==DialogResult.OK) { MessageBox.Show(collEditorFrm.Result.ToString()); OnCollectionChanged(context.Instance, collEditorFrm.ContentPanel); context.OnComponentChanged(); MessageBox.Show(collEditorFrm.ContentPanel.Name); return collEditorFrm.ContentPanel; } } } //MessageBox.Show (collEditorFrm.ContentPanel.Name ); return value; } private void ItemAdded(object sender, object item) { if(_context!=null && _context.Container!=null) { IComponent icomp=item as IComponent; if(icomp !=null ) { _context.Container.Add (icomp) ; } } } private void ItemRemoved(object sender, object item) { if(_context!=null && _context.Container!=null) { IComponent icomp=item as IComponent; if(icomp!=null) { _context.Container.Remove(icomp); } } } protected virtual void OnCollectionChanged(object instance ,object value) { if(CollectionChanged !=null) { CollectionChanged(this, instance,value); } } protected virtual AssemblyEditorForm CreateForm() { return new AssemblyEditorForm(); } private void collEditorFrm_ItemChanged(object sender, Panel instance) { if(_context!=null && _context.Container!=null) { if(instance!=null ) { _context.PropertyDescriptor.SetValue(this, instance); } } } Thanks, Arun M

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