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System.FormatException: The string was not recognized as a valid DateTime. There is a unknown word starting at index 0.

(Sorry, I posted this as a reply to Calendar Cell but it''s really not related to that) I just started getting this message on 5/4/05! I''m not parsing and before this, my program worked just fine. Here''s a posting I put on another site in desparation: Greetings, I don''t know how long ago this conversation took place, but am desperate for help with the same problem. Up until two days ago, my code for inserting a record into a table worked fine. Update still works, but on insert, I am getting this dialog box now: System.FormatException: The string was not recognized as a valid DateTime. There is a unknown word starting at index 0 It''s driving me crazy. Mostly because this has worked fine until now. There are four dates (though I removed TimeStamp to try to fix) and I have tried everything! One important thing to note is that my product is completely in English, having nothing to do with other timezones or anything like that. Anyway, I don''t know if anyone can (or has time to) help. Just thought I''d try and ask. :) Carolyn Here''s some more information: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- SQL Server Table I''m trying to add records to: (NAME: SystemParameter) 2 SystemParameterID int 4 0 (<----Primary key with identity seed) 0 SystemParameterTypeID int 4 0 0 PersonID int 4 1 0 SystemParameterEffectiveDate datetime 8 0 0 SystemParameterEndDate datetime 8 1 0 SystemParameterValue varchar 255 1 0 LastUpdateDate datetime 8 1 1 LastUpdateUser varchar 255 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- (Stored Proc: InsertSystemParameter) (NOTE: Removed Timestamp which didn''t help) CREATE procedure dbo.InsertSystemParameter ( @SystemParameterID int output, @SystemParameterTypeID int, @PersonID int, @SystemParameterEffectiveDate datetime = null, @SystemParameterEndDate datetime = null, @SystemParameterValue varchar(255) = null, @LastUpdateDate datetime = null, @LastUpdateUser varchar(50) = null /*, @TimeStamp timestamp = null*/ ) as insert into SystemParameter ( SystemParameterTypeID, PersonID, SystemParameterEffectiveDate, SystemParameterEndDate, SystemParameterValue, LastUpdateUser ) values ( @SystemParameterTypeID, @PersonID, @SystemParameterEffectiveDate, @SystemParameterEndDate, @SystemParameterValue, @LastUpdateUser ) select @SystemParameterID = @@Identity GO ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- (CODE - You can see where I commented out almost everything I tried!) private void SaveSystemParameter( int systemParameterID, int systemParameterTypeID, int personID, //System.DateTime systemParameterEffectiveDate, //System.DateTime systemParameterEndDate, string systemParameterEffectiveDate, string systemParameterEndDate, string systemParameterValue, string lastUpdateUser, DsSystemParameter dsSystemParameter) { DsSystemParameter.SystemParameterRow systemParameterRow; //-//bool staffingGuideTypeProductivityFlag = false; //-//BcStaffingGuideType bcStaffingGuideType = new BcStaffingGuideType (this.ContextMoniker); //-//staffingGuideTypeProductivityFlag = bcStaffingGuideType.IsProductivityType(staffingGuideTypeID, dsStaffingGuide) ; //New Record? if(systemParameterID.Equals(-1)) { systemParameterRow = GetSystemParameterRow(systemParameterTypeID, personID, dsSystemParameter); } //Existing Record else { systemParameterRow = GetSystemParameterRow(systemParameterID, dsSystemParameter); } //if the system Parameter wasn''t located in the dataset if (systemParameterRow == null) { //if new record, then create new row if(systemParameterID.Equals(-1)) { systemParameterRow = dsSystemParameter.SystemParameter.NewSystemParameterRow(); } //else could not find record else { throw Utilities.GetMissingRecordException("SystemParameter"); } } //else, it was found, and attempting to add new, then raise an error else if (systemParameterID.Equals(-1)) { throw Utilities.GetDuplicateRecordException("SystemParameter"); } //update fields systemParameterRow.SystemParameterTypeID = systemParameterTypeID; systemParameterRow.PersonID = personID; //Used to work: systemParameterRow.SystemParameterEffectiveDate = Convert.ToDateTime(systemParameterEffectiveDate) ; //None of these work: //-//Indicates groups of lines tried together. //-//CultureInfo cultureInfo = new CultureInfo("en-US"); //-//DateTime dt = DateTime.ParseExact (systemParameterEffectiveDate, "D", cultureInfo); //-//systemParameterRow.SystemParameterEffectiveDate = dt; //DateTime dt = DateTime.ParseExact (systemParameterEffectiveDate, "dd/MM/yy", null); //-//systemParameterEffectiveDate = Convert.ToDateTime (systemParameterEffectiveDate).ToUniversalTime().ToString( format ); //-//systemParameterRow.SystemParameterEffectiveDate = Convert.ToDateTime(systemParameterEffectiveDate); //systemParameterRow.SystemParameterEffectiveDate = ParseDateTime(systemParameterEffectiveDate) ; //systemParameterRow.SystemParameterEffectiveDate = Convert.ToDateTime(systemParameterEffectiveDate).ToLocalTime() ; //systemParameterRow.SystemParameterEffectiveDate = DateTime.Parse(systemParameterEffectiveDate, // System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture.DateTimeFormat); //systemParameterRow.SystemParameterEffectiveDate = System.DateTime.ParseExact(systemParameterEffectiveDate, @"yyyy\/MM\/dd HH:mm:ss", null); //systemParameterRow.SystemParameterEffectiveDate = System.DateTime.Parse("05/05/2005") ; //systemParameterRow.SystemParameterEffectiveDate = System.DateTime.Parse(systemParameterEffectiveDate) ; if (! systemParameterEndDate.Equals(String.Empty ) ) { systemParameterRow.SystemParameterEndDate = Convert.ToDateTime(systemParameterEndDate); //.ToLocalTime(); } else { //None of these work. //systemParameterRow.SystemParameterEndDate = System.DateTime.Now; //systemParameterRow.SystemParameterEndDate = DBNull.Value; //systemParameterRow.SystemParameterEndDate = Convert.ToDateTime(DBNull.Value.ToString()); //systemParameterRow.SystemParameterEndDate = Convert.ToDateTime(String.Empty.ToString()); //systemParameterRow.SystemParameterEndDate = DateTime.Parse(systemParameterEffectiveDate, // System.Threading.Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture.DateTimeFormat); } systemParameterRow.SystemParameterValue = systemParameterValue; //if adding new record if(systemParameterID.Equals(-1)) { dsSystemParameter.SystemParameter.AddSystemParameterRow (systemParameterRow); } systemParameterRow.LastUpdateUser = lastUpdateUser; //systemParameterRow.LastUpdateDate = System.DateTime.Now; //Save Record SaveData(dsSystemParameter); // } public void SaveData(DsSystemParameter dsSystemParameter) { _dcSystemParameter.SaveTable( dsSystemParameter ); //cb temporary removed_dwSystemParameter.SaveData(0, dsSystemParameter); } ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- (Save table just executes the stored proc called InsertSystemParameter)

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team May 6, 2005 03:33 PM UTC

Are you using any Essential Grid control in your project?

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