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HiLoOpenClose formatting

I just recently updated my syncfusion package to from My reasoning for this is found in the following thread: http://www.syncfusion.com/Support/forums/message.aspx?MessageID=22795 The transition was smooth however, the HiLoOpenClose and HiLo Charts don''t seem to accept formatting anymore, as they used to in I have tried the following, all return the default color scheme/widths: 1) series.Style.Border.Color = Color.FromArgb(100, Color.Blue); series.Style.Border.Width = 5; 2) this.chartControl1.Series[0].Style.Border.Color = Color.FromArgb(100, Color.Blue); this.chartControl1.Series[0].Style.Border.Width = 5; 3) protected void ChartControlSeries_PrepareStyle(object sender, ChartPrepareStyleInfoEventArgs args) { ChartSeries series = sender as ChartSeries; if(series != null) { args.Style.Border.Color = Color.FromArgb(100, Color.Blue); args.Style.Border.Width = 5; I attempted all of these in my project, and then in the sample project attached with the suite and both returned the same results. Any ideas? Workaround? The current line width is barely legible and grayed, and does not print out well so I can''t leave it at this implementation. Thanks,

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DJ Davis Jebaraj Syncfusion Team May 3, 2005 10:21 PM UTC

Hi, I see the problem with the HiLoOpenClose chart with the version. I have fixed this problem using the version source code and uploaded the Syncfusion.chart.dll (for version 1.0 and 1.1 of the frameworks) in the zip files linked to below: 2109_ChartDll_05032005_4812.zip Please extract the files and replace the Syncfusion.chart.dll files under the PreCompiledAssemblies folder the Syncfusion install directory. Please backup the old dll files before copying in these files. Thanks, Davis

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team May 4, 2005 03:13 PM UTC

Davis, Sorry to bother you again. First I updated the updated Syncfusion.Chart.dll to the C:\Program Files\Syncfusion\Essential Suite\\PreCompiledAssemblies\\1.1\ which did not fix the formatting issues with the HiLo & HiLoOpenClose charts, so I reverted to the old version of the dll. I then noticed all my projects were referencing C:\Program Files\Syncfusion\Essential Suite\Assemblies\ so I applied the hotfix to that, rebuild the solution, but received the same unsuccessful results. I confirmed that the samples for HiLo and HiLoOpenClose charts are still behaving the way they did before and after the hotfix. Do you believe this is possibly due to the way the hotfix was updated and perhaps remnants of old dll''s are lingering somewhere? Or perhaps the issues addressed still seem to be malfunctioning? Thanks for your time, I appreciate it, Kevin

DJ Davis Jebaraj Syncfusion Team May 4, 2005 09:29 PM UTC

Hi Kevin, I tested with the changed assemblies and they do fix the HiLoOpenClose problem. Could you try changing the reference in the project file to point to the location where you extracted the changed assembly to (either in the PreCompiledAssemblies or the Assemblies folder). Make sure you delete any local copies of the Syncfusion.Chart.dll assembly in your bin folder. Thanks, Davis

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team May 5, 2005 07:36 PM UTC

Hi Davis, I have tried to resolve this and have not been able to. I am 100% certain I am referencing the DLL you provided. I have also tested this behavior on another developpers machine. What I have done is create some screenshots of the following, to display the persistant behavior: 1. Code2.jpg - Displays the malfunctioning code from the Sample project (HiLoOpenClose) 2. Output1.jpg - Displays the current output from the Sample project with the HotFix applied 3. OutputExpected1.jpg - Type of output I am looking for (screen grabbed from the "Browse Samples") 4. References1.jpg - Path of HotFixed Syncfusion.Chart.dll in the Sample project (HiLoOpenClose) Is it possible that this is being caused by another assembly? Other assemblies in the Sample project include Syncfusion.Grouping.dll and Syncfusion.Shared.dll If you believe this is resolved in the chart dll, would I be able to get HotFixes for Syncfusion.Grouping.dll and Syncfusion.Shared.dll Thanks for your time, see attached zip with images, Kevin screen_captures_8001.zip

DJ Davis Jebaraj Syncfusion Team May 5, 2005 11:07 PM UTC

Hi Kevin, Sorry about the inconvenience caused. The only change I made was in the Chart source files. Grouping and Shared were not changed. Could you please check if the assembly you have was last modified on 5/3/2005 at 6:15 PM I am uploading the file (for version 1.1) again in case there was a mistake. syncfusion_2109_05052005_4516.zip The HiLoOpenClose chart displayed is as shown in this file: hiloopenclose_9729.zip Thanks, Davis

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team May 10, 2005 12:34 PM UTC

Davis, I''m at a loss why it is working for you, and not for me. I can''t see any other factors which could be preventing the chart from formatting the borders properly. I have attached a Setup Project from the Sample HiLoOpenCloseChart. You should be able to see what I see by executing the program. Perhaps you could compare the DLL''s in the installation folder with the ones you have, although I have already confirmed the timestamps. Thanks, Kevin SetupHiLoOpenCloseSample_9362.zip

DJ Davis Jebaraj Syncfusion Team May 11, 2005 02:41 PM UTC

Hi Kevin, I installed version on a fresh machine and then installed your setup. The old chart dll was being picked up from the GAC when I ran the program. I deleted the reference to Syncfusion.Chart in the GAC (C:\windows\assembly\) and also deleted the Syncfusion.chart.dll installed under C:\program files\syncfusion and then tried running the setup installed exe and the correct DLL was picked up. I checked the DLL you had included in your setup and it is the right dll. I opened up the IL and it has the changes I made. Could you also try removing references to Syncfusion.chart in the GAC and also delete other versions of the file from the local hard disk and then try running the exe? Thanks, Davis

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team May 12, 2005 04:04 PM UTC

Thanks, Your information helped a lot, and the issue has been resolved. Kevin

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