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Let the fun begin. V 3.2

I finally started testing V3.2 today because we couldnt hold off anymore on our beta release of our product so we shipped it out with version Today I installed 3.2 First I did just an upgrade instead of removing the old version. Said it worked and then after it was done I never had a folder and nothing new in the assemblies or anything. It was like it didnt even install it. Rebooted and had the same thing. Then i unistalled every version I had. Ran the install and twice I received the error "An exception ''System.IO.FileNotFoundException'' has occured in aspdotnetversionswitcher.exe'' I received this when your box was up about the 5 to 10 min wait it may take. If i clicked no I do not want to debug it, then it went on for awhile and then gave it to me again. I clicked no this time and then it finished. This time after uninstalling then everything seemed to of been installed properly. Now its BUG time. I''ve already found 2 things that dont work how they worked in 3110 that Im going to be asking in the forum. Im off to a great start arent I. Its looking like going from version 2 to version 3 all over again where nothing works the way it use to work. The question i have for this forum is why does it show me in my assemblies that i have a version and a version of all the assemblies?

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team April 18, 2005 04:28 PM UTC

Hi Phil Following up on our conversation, as noted in the Installation section of the Getting Started Guide with reference to your question on the version numbers of the Syncfusion assemblies: - Linked to .NET Framework 1.0 - Linked to .NET Framework 1.1 - Linked to .NET Framework 2.0 If you work with multiple target environments, you will see that each appropriate version is installed in the GAC for true side-by-side use. Regards Arun

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