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ExecutionEngineException in grid query - any suggestions?

Hi, This isn''t entirely a Grid question, but it may be related. I''ve got a user control which is basically just a overridden Syncfusion virtual grid which completely repopulates itself on certain events. I''ve discovered a situation where I catch the event 3 times in a row (I''m not sure why, but it does) on the third time it fires a ExecutionEngineException . It always happens in the same place - the QueryCellInfo event (in my handler I admit, but the line in question is just firing an event itself). I noticed an earlier post where someone was getting this exception in one of your samples, and you solved it in a code fix in the Syncfusion code (commenting that it might be related to a Font). Do you have any ideas - is my exception problem possibly related? Thanks, Sue

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team March 31, 2005 08:31 AM UTC

The previous problem was in our code and the stack pointed this out, letting us identify a problem specific to a call using Windows 2000. So, I am not sure this is related to your problem. I also did a serach in our Direct Trac incident database. It should one other hit where this exception was raised when you stepped through code using the debugger, but did not happen when the code was not being stepped through. In this case, the line of code was "if (context is GridItem)". The user eventually reported teh problem went away on its own. If you google ExecutionEngineException, you will get lots of hits. Some seem to do with mixing Com objects and STATHREAD. Others appear to be memory allocation problems when using when trying to interop with COM objects. Are you using any such objects?

SH Sue Harris March 31, 2005 10:52 PM UTC

Thanks Clay, Sounds like its not related. I''m not using any COM or interop in the code in question, its pure C# simple UI stuff - although COM is used elsewhere in the project. Given that the code can run through twice with no problems, it doesn''t appear to be a specific call problem as you experienced. And the situation is the opposite to the direct-trac case - it works fine if I step through, or if I have a breakpoint in the code for it to hit, but is failing when not stepping/breaking. I guess I''m back to hoping that it will go away on its own. Thanks, Sue

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