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GridDropDownCellRenderer and DataRow

Hi, I have a custom dropdown control that inherits from GridDropDownCellRenderer. The dropdown is used in gridgroupingcontrols and in a GridControl. I need to get the underlying current DataRow from the CurrentCell in the overriden OnInitialize(int rowIndex, int colIndex) method. Sorting and all other kinds of madness are possible so I can''t rely on the rowIndex or colIndex, just CurrentCell. Please help. Thanks, Theo C

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team March 8, 2005 09:45 AM UTC

The CurrentCell is not always the cell that is passed to renderer.OnInitailize. In that event, you must get at the infromation using the passed in row and column. In a groupinggrid, you can get the record through the TableControl using code like: GridTableCellStyleInfo style = gridGroupingControl.TableControl.Model[row, col]; //get some record data GridRecordRow grr = style.TableCellIdentity.Table.DisplayElements[row] as GridRecordRow; DataRowView drv = grr.GetData() as DataRowView; SInce a GridControl does not have a DataSource, I am not sure how any datarow is being mapped into the GridControl. If you are using a virtual grid and displaying data through the DataTable.DefaultView, then you can get the data through the DataView (or through the CurrencyManager). Maybe like this: DataRowView drv = dataView1[row-1]; where dataView1 is the dataview you are using to provide the sorted data.

TH TheoC March 8, 2005 12:38 PM UTC

Thank you for the response, this does not seem to work though. The grr.GetData() allways returns null. I modified the code (last line) to look like this: GridStyleInfo gsi = this.Grid.Model [this.CurrentCell.RowIndex, this.CurrentCell.ColIndex]; GridTableCellStyleInfoIdentity gtsi = (GridTableCellStyleInfoIdentity) gsi.CellIdentity; DataRow current_row = (DataRow)gtsi.DisplayElement.EngineTable.CurrentRecordManager.Data; Which seems to work fine for the parent table, but not for the Nested tables. Why doesn''t it work. Thank you for the assistance Theo C

TH TheoC March 8, 2005 01:14 PM UTC

Ok, so I its workin now. I got it to work by doing the following from within the Custom Dropdown OnInitialize method: GridTableCellStyleInfo gsi = (GridTableCellStyleInfo) this.Grid.Model[rowIndex, colIndex]; GridTableCellStyleInfoIdentity gtsi = (GridTableCellStyleInfoIdentity) gsi.CellIdentity; GridRecordRow grr = gtsi.Table.DisplayElements[rowIndex] as GridRecordRow; DataRow current_row = (DataRow) grr.GetData(); Hope that helps anyone. Thanks

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