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Saving the result of a formula...

(Using v2.1.0.9) I have non-databound, non-virtual grid. When the user edits a number in cell A1, I want to capture the result of the formula in cell A2. The formula in A2 *is* recalculating, and displays the correct value; however, I do not know what event to use to persist calculated value to the database. Based on some old forum posts, it seemed like SaveCellInfo would be the ticket. I used something like: AddHandler Me.GridControl1.SaveCellInfo, AddressOf Me.GridControl1_SaveCellInfo However, this event does not seem to fire when the value in A2 is recalculated. (When I test the grid, I can see the new value displayed, but my SaveCellInfo does not get fired). Please tell me what am I doing wrong??! Thanks, s.s.

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team December 29, 2004 06:54 AM UTC

This code works for me to show the changes in the output window if I drop a GridControl on the form and add these handlers.
Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As System.EventArgs)
   Me.gridControl1.TableStyle.CellType = "FormulaCell"
   Me.gridControl1(1, 1).Text = "4"
   Me.gridControl1(1, 2).Text = "= A1 * 2"
   AddHandler Me.gridControl1.SaveCellInfo, AddressOf grid_SaveCellInfo
End Sub ''Form1_Load

Private Sub grid_SaveCellInfo(sender As Object, e As GridSaveCellInfoEventArgs)
   If Not (e.Style.FormulaTag Is Nothing) Then
      Console.WriteLine("compute value at ({0},{1}) = {2}", e.RowIndex, e.ColIndex, e.Style.FormulaTag.Text)
   End If
End Sub ''grid_SaveCellInfo

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