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Performance of adding GridBoundColumns

I'm using a GridDataBoundGrid to display the results of a user-issued query. I loop through the result set and add a GridBoundColumn for each column, set the CellType to Static and in the case of datetime columns, I set the format. When a different query is issued, a new DataSet is created to hold the results, but the same grid is used for presentation. This is when I run into problems. The first time I generate the GridBoundColumns the process takes about 1 second for 24 columns. On subsequent iterations, the time to generate 24 columns increases to 10 or more seconds. I'm using the code below: m_dgResultGrid.SuspendLayout(); m_dgResultGrid.Binder.SuspendBinding(); m_dgResultGrid.Model.SuspendChangeEvents(); m_dgResultGrid.DataSource = null; m_dgResultGrid.GridBoundColumns.Clear(); DateTime dtBegin = DateTime.Now; foreach(DataColumn dc in dataSet.Tables[0].Columns) { GridBoundColumn gbc = new GridBoundColumn(); gbc.MappingName = dc.ColumnName; gbc.HeaderText = dc.ColumnName; if(dc.DataType == typeof(DateTime)) { gbc.StyleInfo.Format = "g"; } gbc.StyleInfo.CellType = "Static"; m_dgResultGrid.GridBoundColumns.Add(gbc); } TimeSpan ts = DateTime.Now - dtBegin; Debug.WriteLine(string.Format("Time to generate columns: {0}", ts.TotalMilliseconds)); // set the datasource m_dgResultGrid.Binder.ResumeBinding(); m_dgResultGrid.ResumeLayout(); m_dgResultGrid.Model.ResumeChangeEvents(); Any thoughts on why I'm seeing this behavior? Sean

2 Replies

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team December 30, 2002 10:25 PM UTC

Sean, try creating a GridBoundColumn[] array and then call GridBoundColumnsCollection.AddRange with that array. That way the grid will have not to reinitialize all columns after each Add call. Stefan

SG Sean Greer December 30, 2002 10:31 PM UTC

Stefan, Thanks for the suggestion - it resolved the issue. The time to update the columns is now closer to .3 seconds, which is quite acceptable. Sean

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