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How do I delete all links to a node

How do I delete all links that are connected to a node when that node is deleted? TIA

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team October 19, 2004 06:32 PM UTC

Hi As noted in this Knowledgbase article, the Diagram.Model.ChildrenChangeComplete event is fired whenever a new node is added or removed. So you could use the IGraphNode Interface to detemine the links entering and leaving the Symbol and use the RemoveNodesCmd to remove the links when an instance of MySymbol is deleted. Run this sample and add a few nodes and links and select a Symbol (MySymbol) and click on the "Delete Symbols and Links" Button. Here is the code for the Model_ChildrenChangeComplete event: private void diagram1_Model_ChildrenChangeComplete(object sender, Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Diagram.NodeCollection.EventArgs evtArgs) { if (evtArgs.ChangeType.ToString() == "Remove") { IGraphNode curNode = evtArgs.Node as IGraphNode; if (curNode != null) { IEnumerator enumedgesEntering = curNode.EdgesEntering.GetEnumerator(); IEnumerator enumedgesLeaving = curNode.EdgesLeaving.GetEnumerator(); //RemoveNodesCmd RemoveNodesCmd rmnodesCmd = new RemoveNodesCmd(); //NodeCollection NodeCollection links = new NodeCollection(); //Incoming Links ICollection edgesEntering = curNode.EdgesEntering; while (enumedgesEntering.MoveNext()) { Link incomingLink = enumedgesEntering.Current as Link; links.Add(incomingLink); } //Leaving Links ICollection edgesLeaving = curNode.EdgesLeaving; while (enumedgesLeaving.MoveNext()) { Link leavingLink = enumedgesLeaving.Current as Link; links.Add(leavingLink); } //Concatatenation of the NodeCollection to the RemoveNodesCmd rmnodesCmd.Nodes.Concat(links); //Execute the RemoveNodesCmd this.diagram1.Controller.ExecuteCommand(rmnodesCmd); } } } Regards Arun

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team October 23, 2004 09:43 PM UTC

Thank you for the help.

TL Truman Lackey July 18, 2008 05:11 PM UTC

I am trying the following in vs

if (evtArgs.ChangeType == CollectionExChangeType.Remove)
if (evtArgs.Element is Node)
IGraphNode remNode = (IGraphNode)evtArgs.Element;
foreach (IGraphEdge edge in remNode.Edges)


The issue I am having is that there are no edges in the Edges collection even though a link exist. How should this be done?

J. J.Nagarajan Syncfusion Team July 21, 2008 01:38 PM UTC

Hi Truman ,

We regret for the incovenience caused. I was able to see the issue "Node.Edges returns null when the LineConnector is exist" in I have logged a defect report in this regard. I have forwarded this issue to our developers for more analysis. I will get back to you with more details regarding this issue on or before 23rd July,2008.

Thanks for your patience.


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