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Tooltip with combobox loses style when list is filtered

I have a tooltip for my combobox items. It works and looks great!

But if I type in the text portion to filter the list, the tooltip loses all css styling and just becomes a plain white box with a thin black border. BTW, the original styling does not come back if I take the filter away.

How can I retain your very nice looking styling?



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KA Keith A Price May 4, 2023 03:04 AM UTC


On further testing, it's NOT about whether it's filtered or not. Rather, it's about the list changing without closing and opening again.

For example, if I type "aust", I lose the styling. But if I close and reopen the list but KEEP "aust", the styling is back.

If I then erase "aust", the styling goes away again. 

So, it appears the list needs to close and reopen to keep the styling. That SEEMS like a bug, no?

Regardless, have you got a way to keep the styling under all circumstances?

SA SureshRajan Alagarsamy Syncfusion Team May 19, 2023 02:17 PM UTC

Hi Keith,

We have reviewed your query and understand that you are experiencing a Tooltip style issue while filtering in the ComboBox control.

On further validation, we have identified a potential solution for your reported issue. It appears that the filtered data source is populated once the filtering is done. In order to ensure that the tooltip is updated accordingly, we recommend refreshing it after a slight delay. We hope the suggested solution will resolve your reported issue. Refer to the below code snippet for further reference.

Code Snippet :



<SfTooltip @ref="TooltipObj" ID="Tooltip" Target=".e-list-item .name[title]">


<SfComboBox @ref="comboObj" TItem="GameFields" TValue="string" Placeholder="Select a game" DataSource="@Games" AllowFiltering="true" OnInput="OnFiltering">

    <ComboBoxFieldSettings Text="Text" Value="ID"></ComboBoxFieldSettings>

    <ComboBoxTemplates TItem="GameFields">


                    <div class="name" title="@((context as GameFields).Text)"> @((context as GameFields).Text) </div>



    <ComboBoxEvents TValue="string" TItem="GameFields" Opened="OnOpen" ></ComboBoxEvents>




@code {

    SfTooltip TooltipObj;



    public async Task OnFiltering()


        await Task.Delay(1000);

        await TooltipObj.RefreshAsync();



Check out the shared details and get back to us if you need any further assistance.


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