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Custom Height / Size of textbox....

Most of my controls are slightly larger in height than my ComboDrowDown control.  Is there way to be able to change the height it defaults to.  It seems like using themes causes it to go to 22, instead of 24.  This makes the issue worse, since we are trying to use the new theming system when possible (which this control only seem to work with hard coded themes, which again, is making things a bit more difficult).

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BA BagavathiPerumal Apranandham Syncfusion Team April 26, 2023 01:49 PM UTC

Hi Javier,

Currently, it is not possible to adjust the height of the ComboDropDown Control. We recommend utilizing the SfComboBox control as an alternative to the ComboDropDown Control. Please refer to the attached documentation for your reference.

Documentation link: Getting Started with Windows Forms ComboBox control | Syncfusion

Bagavathi Perumal A

JA Javier April 27, 2023 07:37 PM UTC

I would, but they aren't exactly an exact replacement of each other, so it's not that simple.

For example, one of the main control we have created is a date picker. We used this over the old date picker because it gave us more control over validating and the old control wasn't that good.

The new Date picker is great and lets us do what we want, BUT not only is the calendar button huge (tons of white space), the textbox also has tons of whitespace. For a very dense control display, all this extra space makes it impossible to support lower resolution screens we need to support (720). Just to give an example of the space difference, to display a date, we have to set the control to the width of 110, compared to 85 (about 30% bigger).

I kind of tried recreating the control using the new SfComboBox but got lost in how to even accomplish it.

The Date picker is really the only true issue for us, I can recreate the other ComboDrowDown controls using standard WinForms controls. I prefer using Syncfusion controls for the styling, but I can fake most of that.

Thank you,


BA BagavathiPerumal Apranandham Syncfusion Team May 3, 2023 02:18 PM UTC

Hi Javier,

The Default height of the ComboDropDown control is 28. Could you please confirm whether you would like to keep same default the height for the ComboBoxDropDown when both the default and the theme are applied to the control, or if you would like to explicitly customize the height of the ComboBoxDropDown control.

Bagavathi Perumal A

JA Javier May 12, 2023 06:36 PM UTC

My issue is that when rendered, things are not sizing correctly.

Here is a sample, first is a Syncfusion currency box, second is my custom date picker using  ComboBoxDropDown  and third is the Syncfusion date picker (for this discussion, we can ignore the currency box, but just wanted to show it as the issue exists in other controls too).  They are set to a height of 23.  You can see that the underlying  ComboBoxDropDown render inside my custom control ends up rendering smaller than than it should (it is set to fill and also set to 23, so it shouldn't have empty space (the white space below the border is that empty space).

I really don't know why this is happening.  This is all part of a major update from .NET 1.1 to 4.7 and the  ComboBoxDropDown  is the one issue I can't seem to solve.  I can make the Syncfusion date picker to function just like our date picker, so I could bypass this problem by using a custom version of that, but because of the large spacing, it won't work.  Just don't have enough space for all our date fields being that much larger.

So I'm basically asking, either can the  ComboBoxDropDown be made to work with a custom height so that it properly fits.  Or as an alternative, can the Date Picker be made so that you can control the whitespace and customize the icon to something that can be made more compact.

Either should solve my issue.  

Thank you

BA BagavathiPerumal Apranandham Syncfusion Team May 22, 2023 03:12 PM UTC

Hi Javier,

Currently, there is no alternative solution available to directly modify the height of the ComboDropDown. However, as a workaround, you can adjust the height indirectly by changing the font size of the ComboDropDown. We will log this as a feature request and share the feedback link for the feature request shortly.

Bagavathi Perumal A

BA BagavathiPerumal Apranandham Syncfusion Team May 24, 2023 05:32 PM UTC

Hi Javier,

We regret to inform you that currently, we don’t have support to change the Height of the ComboDropDown control.

We have analyzed your requirement of “Support to change the Height of the ComboDropDown control”. We have logged a feature request for the same. We will implement this feature in any of our upcoming releases.

At the planning stage for every release cycle, we review all open features and identify features for implementation based on specific parameters including product vision, technological feasibility, and customer interest. We will let you know when this feature is implemented. We appreciate your patience until then.   

Thank you for requesting this feature and helping us define it. We are always trying to make our products better and feature requests like yours are a key part of our product growth efforts.   

Feedback link: Provide a support to change the Height of the ComboDropDown control in WinForms | Feedback Portal (syncfusion.com)

If you have any more specifications/suggestions to the feature request, you can add it as a comment in the portal and cast your vote to make it count.

Bagavathi Perumal A

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