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Copy behavior when EnableVirtulization="true"

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Hello Syncfusion Team,

I was implementing this in sfGrid and ran into a problem.

Any advice or workarounds to solve the problem?


2.sfGridHeight=300 (to display fewer rows.)

3.Set AllowDragSelection="true" in GridSelectionSettings.

If Ctrl+C is executed in this state, the initially displayed rows can be copied successfully.

However, scrolling and copying a line that is not initially displayed while it is selected seems to cause an exception error.

I would appreciate an answer as soon as possible if possible.

Best regards.



@page "/grid"

@using Syncfusion.Blazor.Grids

<div class="col-lg-9 control-section sb-property-border">

    <div class="content-wrapper">

        <div class="row">

            <div class="e-contentborder">

                <SfGrid DataSource="@datalist" EnableVirtualization="true" Height="300" AllowRowDragAndDrop="true">

                    <GridSelectionSettings Type="SelectionType.Multiple" CellSelectionMode="CellSelectionMode.Box" AllowDragSelection="true" Mode="SelectionMode.Row" />


                        <GridColumn Field="id" HeaderText="id"></GridColumn>

                        <GridColumn Field="name" HeaderText="name"></GridColumn>








    public class Data


        public string id { get; set;} = "";

        public string name { get; set;} = "";


    private List<Data> datalist = new();

    protected override void OnInitialized()


        for(int i = 0 ; i < 1000; i++)


            Data data = new Data { id = "id" + i.ToString(), name = "name" + i.ToString() };





6 Replies

NP Naveen Palanivel Syncfusion Team April 1, 2023 05:58 AM UTC

Hi Yohei,

We checked your query, we prepared sample with given code . But report issue does not occurs at our end. Please refer the attached sample for your reference.

If the reported issue still reproduced then kindly share the below details to validate further at our end.

  1. Share us the video demonstration of the issue in provided sample.
  2. If possible share us an simple issue reproduceable sample or try to modify the above mentioned sample.

The above-requested details will be very helpful for us to validate the reported query at our end and provide the solution as early as possible


Naveen Palanivel

Attachment: Blazor_Virtul_9d5c0ee8.zip

YB Yohei Busujima April 3, 2023 05:09 AM UTC

(Translation tools.)

Hello Naveen.

Thank you for contacting me.

I copied the sample and debugged it.

I was able to reproduce the error and will send you a video.

Also, it seems to occur when you change the VisualStudio settings as follows.


VisualStudio Settings

Tools -> Options -> Debugging -> General

-> Enable Just My Code : OFF

-> Suppress JIT optimization on module load(Managed Only) : ON


Best regards.

Attachment: Blazor_App_Video_dc62d6e0.zip

NP Naveen Palanivel Syncfusion Team April 12, 2023 03:18 AM UTC

Hi Yohei,

We have confirmed this as an issue and logged the defect report “Copy behavior causes the issue when EnableVirtulization="true"”  for the same. Thank you for taking time to report this issue and helping us to improve our product. At Syncfusion, we are committed to fix all validated defects (subject to technological feasibility and Product Development Life Cycle) and this fix will be included in our upcoming patch release which is expected to be rolled out on any upcoming batch release. You can now track the current status of your request, review the proposed resolution timeline, and contact us for any further inquiries through this link.       


Disclaimer: “Inclusion of this solution in the weekly release may change due to other factors including but not limited to QA checks and works reprioritization”


Naveen Palanivel

YB Yohei Busujima April 24, 2023 08:19 AM UTC

(Translation tools.)

Hello Naveen.

Thank you for your response. 

We look forward to the fixed release.

Best regards.

NP Naveen Palanivel Syncfusion Team April 26, 2023 03:27 AM UTC

Hi Yohei,


we will update once the release is rolled out

VN Vignesh Natarajan Syncfusion Team May 4, 2023 06:31 AM UTC

Hi Yohei, 

We are glad to announce that our Essential Studio 2023 Volume 1 Service Pack
v21.2.3 is rolled out and is available for download under the following link.

Essential Studio 2023 Volume 1 Service Pack Release v21.2.3 is available for download | Announcements Forums | Syncfusion

Feedback: Copy behavior causes the issue when EnableVirtulization="true" in Blazor | Feedback Portal (syncfusion.com)

In this release we have included the fix for the reported issue. We thank you for your support and appreciate your patience in waiting for this

Please get in touch with us if you would require any further assistance.


Vignesh Natarajan

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