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Required Validation displaying only for columns that r visible within the screen size

I use sfdatagrid in a wpf application. this grid has around 15-20 columns displayed.
Among this 5 columns are required fields.(firstname and lastname are part of it)

I add new rows inline

When I start adding new row....if i try to navigate away without filling the required columns, red flag is displayed for firstname.

I use the horizontal scrollbar and move right. I dont see red flag for LastName

Same goes the other way around too....when trying to add a new row. First i scroll to the right and double a cell and then try to navigate out of the row, now red flag appears only for lastname and not for firstname....

If the column is visible in my screen then flag is displayed for that column....

How shld I make this red flag visible irrespective of which columns are visible at a particular point of time( here visible means the cols displayed within the screen size -without using horizontal scrollbar)

The columns that r displayed within the scope of screen size only displays the red flag....Using horizantal scrollbar and navigating left/right doesnt display the red flag for the columns that werent displayed initially....

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VS Vijayarasan Sivanandham Syncfusion Team March 27, 2023 02:28 PM UTC

Hi Priya,

We are a little unclear about your scenario. Provide more information related to your query.
        1. Confirm whether you are using validation for only some columns or all columns, and how did you perform the validation.
        2. Details about your scenario with illustrations?
        3. Details about your scenario with image illustrations?
        4. Share your exact requirement?  
If possible, kindly provide a simple issue reproducible sample     

It will be helpful for us to check on it and provide you with a solution at the earliest.

Vijayarasan S

PR priya March 28, 2023 03:10 AM UTC

Hi Vijayarasan,

This grid has around 15-20 columns displayed, so I shld scroll right to view all columns...maybe at a time, I could see only 5-6 columns within my screen size.

 I used validation for only 5 columns(these 5 columns are not displayed together). Expected behavior is when I try to add a new row without filling any fields, it shld show red flags for all 5 columns....

But currently, only the columns that r displayed within the screen size shows red flag....If i navigate to left/right of my screen using scrollbar, i couldn't see that red flag on all these 5 columns.

This misguides the end user on number of fields that are required.

Also if I fill only few required columns and try to navigate away from the row(to save the new entry), its blocking it as expected but I couldn't see the red flag until I scroll to left/right and try to save again.....

So if the end user fills few columns but doesn't move to the right/left of the screen, the red flag is not displayed for the columns that is displayed withing the screen size at that particular time.

in the below screenshots, FirstName and LastName along with 3 more columns are required fields.

When I open this WPF appln, I could see the below 6 columns only at a time....I need to scroll right to view other columns....

I try to add a new row here. without filling any column, i try to save it.

So now, it displays red flag on these three columns are shown below.

Then when I scrolled right, I couldnt see red flag for the other two columns. 'LastName' is one of it.

Hope I made it clear....



VS Vijayarasan Sivanandham Syncfusion Team March 28, 2023 03:13 PM UTC


We regret to let you know that the provided details are not enough to proceed further. Till we don't have any idea about how you applied the Validation for some columns.

However, we have prepared the simple sample and checked the reported issue “Required Validation displaying only for columns that r visible within the screen size” and are unable to replicate the issue from our end. Please find the tested sample and video demo in the attachment.

Please have a look at this sample and let us know if we have missed any customization done in your application. Otherwise, try to reproduce the reported issue in this sample and revert to us with the modified sample and steps to replicate the issue. It will be more helpful for us to find the exact cause of the issue and to provide a prompt solution.

Note: Validation is applied for columns that are visible (i.e., CustomerID) and not visible (i.e., Country) in the viewport of SfDataGrid

Attachment: Sample_And_Video_Demo_56ef0a83.zip

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