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Control is slow to load first time


The document editor seems to be slower to load first time than on subsequent loads.  This is something I have also noted with Pivot Tables.

Even if I do not load a document, the editor itself seems to take a couple of seconds longer to load the first time the page is opened.

I am using the latest version, so javascript isolation is defaulted automatically.

I have the following reference in my Layout.cshtml (as stated in the doco):

    <script src="https://cdn.syncfusion.com/blazor/20.4.48/syncfusion-blazor-documenteditor.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

It's a blazor server project, but I have observed the same behavior in Web Assembly.

Is there anything that can be done to improve the first load time?

Thank you

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KM Kavitha Muralitharan Syncfusion Team February 21, 2023 12:39 PM UTC

Hi Ditchford,

The Document editor is one of the large functionalities covered component as it gives you many functionalities of Microsoft Word application. It has more UI views like text properties pane, header footer properties pane, image properties pane and dialogs.

The dependency components are listed below:

·       Newtonsoft.Json

·       Syncfusion.Blazor.Calendars 

·       Syncfusion.Blazor.Core 

·       Syncfusion.Blazor.Data 

·       Syncfusion.Blazor.DropDowns 

·       Syncfusion.Blazor.Navigations 

·       Syncfusion.WordProcessor.AspNet.Core 

So, it takes some time (less than 6seconds) for initial loading in client browsers to load all the dependency components and it is an expected one.

Please let us know if you were facing component loading issue more than this. Also, can you please confirm are you loading any document or doing customization on initial control load?


Kavitha M

KM Kavitha Muralitharan Syncfusion Team February 21, 2023 01:12 PM UTC

Hi Ditchford,

#Pivot Table

We have checked the reported issue at our end and are unable to reproduce it. However, we suspect you are binding a large amount of data to the pivot table; if so, we recommend using the virtualization option to avoid performance issues while binding a large amount of data. Please look at the below code example.

Code Example

<SfPivotView TValue="PivotVirtualData" EnableVirtualization=true>


Meanwhile, we have prepared sample and video for you reference below.

Sample: Please find in Attachments

Video : https://www.syncfusion.com/downloads/support/directtrac/general/ze/Pivot-Virtualisation-669627235

Moreover, please find the online demo link below for your reference.

Online Demo : https://blazor.syncfusion.com/demos/pivot-table/virtual-scrolling

To know more about “Virtualization” , please refer the UG document below.

Documentation: https://blazor.syncfusion.com/documentation/pivot-table/virtual-scrolling

Please let us know if any concerns occur.


Kavitha M

Attachment: PivotTable_759b95ab.zip

DI Ditchford February 28, 2023 12:11 PM UTC


Thank you for your very detailed explanation for both Pivot tables and Word Processor. I understand the issue.  For the word document I guess it would be great if it was possible to somehow mock a user visit to the Word document when the site starts up. It seems a shame that the user has to wear this overhead on first visit.  Is there any way to do this?


KM Kavitha Muralitharan Syncfusion Team March 1, 2023 02:59 PM UTC

Thanks for the update, Ditchford. We will plan to add the Detailed explanation on Documentation for better understanding.

KM Kavitha Muralitharan Syncfusion Team May 8, 2023 07:41 AM UTC

Hi Ditchford,

We have added the Detailed explanation on Documentation for better understanding.

The content had been included in the below Documentation Page https://blazor.syncfusion.com/documentation/document-editor/getting-started/client-side-application


Kavitha M

DI Ditchford May 17, 2023 08:03 AM UTC

Hey Guys

Thanks for all the info on this one.  With regard to the word processor.  I understand that there is an overhead on first load...completely understandable given what the control is capable of.

My question still remains though. I have a site with multiple pages, two of which contain a document editor. I have noted that if I visit one of these pages then I have to wait for the editor to load.  On subsequent visits to this page or the other page with the control then the editor is super quick to load.

So, it seems to me that it is a shame that the user has to wait for this first load.  They may have been on my site for some time before they visit one of the pages with the editor. It would be great if there was some way to load this in the background before the user visits the page in question. If this was possible, then as far as the user was concerned the editor would always be quick to load.

Is it somehow possible to load in the background or somehow mock a visit to a page with an editor so that the user experience is improved?

KM Kavitha Muralitharan Syncfusion Team May 18, 2023 01:18 PM UTC

Ditchford, currently we are checking and will update the details to you by May 22, 2023.

KM Kavitha Muralitharan Syncfusion Team May 19, 2023 10:24 AM UTC

Yes Ditchford, you can improve the user experience by loading the Document Editor in the background until they are fully loaded, either by using Syncfusion Blazor Skeleton or a spinner.

Please refer to the following User Guide (UG) and demo for reference:  


Skeleton: https://blazor.syncfusion.com/documentation/skeleton/getting-started

Spinner: https://blazor.syncfusion.com/documentation/spinner/getting-started


Skeleton: https://blazor.syncfusion.com/demos/skeleton/

Spinner: https://blazor.syncfusion.com/demos/spinner/overview?theme=fluent

Additionally, please refer to our Document Editor demo where we have used a spinner before showing the Document Editor: https://blazor.syncfusion.com/demos/document-editor/default-functionalities?theme=fluent.

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