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How to set focus to a specific control, that is not the first, after dialog is opened ?

I understand that the SfDialog, by behavior, set focus on first component of the EditForm and this is a nice feature, but in this case I need to set the focus to another control that is not the first.  I tried using the dialog's OnOpen event but it didn't work.  Please see attached project . 

<SfButton @onclick="@(() => isVisible = true )">Open Dialog</SfButton>

<SfDialog Visible="@isVisible" Width="400" Height="500" ShowCloseIcon="true" IsModal="true" AllowDragging="true" EnableResize="true">

    <DialogEvents OnOpen="SetFocus" Opened="SetFocus" Closed="OnClosed_MainDlg" />



            <EditForm Model="@model">

                <DataAnnotationsValidator />

                <SfNumericTextBox @bind-Value="@model.MileageIn" TValue="int?" CssClass="mb-3" />

                <SfTextBox @ref="txtBox" @bind-Value="@model.LocIn" CssClass="mb-3" />


            <SfButton @onclick="@(() => SetFocus() )">Set Focus</SfButton>




@code {

    bool isVisible = false;

    Model model = new();

    SfTextBox txtBox;

    async Task SetFocus()


        await txtBox.FocusAsync();


    class Model


        public int? MileageIn { get; set; }

        public string LocIn { get; set; }

        public string FuelIn { get; set; }


    void OnClosed_MainDlg()


        isVisible = false;



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VY Vinothkumar Yuvaraj Syncfusion Team January 30, 2023 04:21 PM UTC

Hi Ben,

You can use the Dialog Opened event to achieve your requirement. Please refer to the code below and the attached sample for your reference.



    <DialogEvents OnOpen="SetFocus" Opened="@onOpen" Closed="OnClosed_MainDlg" />



  private async Task onOpen(Syncfusion.Blazor.Popups.OpenEventArgs args)


        args.PreventFocus = true;

       await txtBox.FocusAsync();




API : 


Attachment: RPTest_24f850a2.zip

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