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SelectLines() goes to 0,0 on tab control if not on active tab.

I am using syntax editor control in a wpf tab control. It is on the first tab (tabControl.SelectedIndex = 0). When I am on a different tab I want to be able to move the text cursor in code in the edit control to a specific position, based on the selection on the different tab. My event handler for the different tab is:

        private void tokenisedGrid_MouseDoubleClick(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e)
tabControl.SelectedIndex = 0;
int nLine = 5, nColumn = 8;
textEditor.SelectLines(nLine, nLine, nColumn, nColumn);

(I have removed the application-specific values for nLine and nColumn to generalise the sample code!)

This code moves to 0,0 when the different tab is the active tab but works correctly if I fire it from a button on the same tab as the edit control. As far as I know, the only way to programatically navigate back to the tab containing the edit control is as I have done it, tabControl.SelectedIndex = 0, but although my code does navigate back to the edit control tab, the cursor is in position 0,0;

Is there a solution / correct way to achieve what I'm trying? Thanks!

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KA Karthick Arjunan Syncfusion Team January 6, 2023 04:09 PM UTC

Hi Peter,

We were able to reproduce the reported issue at our end. We will validate and provide the solution or complete details within two business days(Jan 10, 2023).

KA Karthick Arjunan Syncfusion Team January 11, 2023 04:45 AM UTC

Hi Peter,

We are still in the process of validating the reported issue and will provide a solution or complete details within one day. (January 11, 2023).

KA Karthick Arjunan Syncfusion Team January 11, 2023 05:14 PM UTC

Hi Peter,

We have confirmed that the “SelectLines() goes to 0,0 in EditControl on tab control if not on active tab” as an issue and logged bug feedback. We will include the fix for the reported issue in our upcoming weekly NuGet release which is expected to roll out on January 31, 2023. We appreciate your patience until then. We will let you know once it gets rolled out.

You can track the status of this defect using the following feedback link:   

If you have any more specifications or a scenario to be tested, you can add them as a comment in the portal.

KA Karthick Arjunan Syncfusion Team January 31, 2023 03:35 PM UTC


Thanks for your patience.

We have fixed the reported issue. Please find the patch file from the location below. 


Recommended approach – exe will perform automatic configuration            


Please find the patch setup here:



Advanced approach – use only if you have specific needs and can directly replace existing assemblies for your build environment   


Please find the NuGet alone from: 



Please find the patch assemblies alone from:     





You can change how you receive bug fixes by navigating to the following link and updating your preferences.     



Please note that we have created this patch for version specifically to resolve the issues reported in this Forum #179834. If you have received other patches for the same version for other products, please apply all patches in the order received. The fix will be included in our upcoming weekly NuGet release.  The fix will be included in our upcoming weekly NuGet release on Feb 07, 2023.

PE Peter January 31, 2023 05:29 PM UTC

Hi Karthick,

That's great news, thank you! Not sure I can navigate all the patching you provided (but thank you for the links) so I am happy to wait till the weekly NuGet release on Feb 07, 2023.

I do really appreciate how responsive you all are at Syncfusion!


KA Karthick Arjunan Syncfusion Team February 7, 2023 04:58 PM UTC

Hi Peter,

We are glad to announce that our weekly nuget release was rolled out and a fix for the reported issue was included in the NuGet. 



NuGet Link: https://www.nuget.org/


We thank you for your support and appreciate your patience in waiting for this release. Please get in touch with us if you would require any further assistance.   

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PE Peter February 7, 2023 05:54 PM UTC

Hi  Karthick,

Fantastic!  It works perfectly..... many, many thanks!

All the best,


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