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Scheduler not rendering quick popup correctly in React 18

Usually, when you open the quick info window (quick popup) in the scheduler, the bottom of the window will align itself with the bottom of the calendar if need be. However, when upgrading to react 18 and the latest version of the syncfusion libraries (20.3.x), the quick info window is now going below the calendar (see the attached images below).

I've also attached two stackblitz examples, one with React 17 and one with React 18 so that you can see the behavior for yourself. Can you please fix this promptly as it is a huge hinderance to our users in production as the calendar is now much harder, on in some cases impossible, to use.

Stackblitz Example with React 17

Stackblitz Example with React 18

React 17

Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 5.47.14 PM (1).png

React 18

Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 5.48.13 PM (1).png

6 Replies

SR Swathi Ravi Syncfusion Team December 21, 2022 12:23 PM UTC

Hi Stefan,

We confirmed your reported problem “Quick info popup not rendering correctly in React 18” as a bug and logged the defect report. The fix for this defect will be included in our upcoming weekly patch release, which is expected to be rolled out by first week of January 2023. You can track the status of the fix at the following link:

Feedback :https://www.syncfusion.com/feedback/39951/quick-info-popup-not-rendering-correctly-in-react-18

Meanwhile, we suggest you resolve the issue by setting up the min-height value to the .e-quick-popup-wrapper CSS class as shown in the snippet below.

Sample: https://stackblitz.com/edit/react-zmes5g?file=src%2Fstyle.css,src%2FApp.js


.quick-info-template .e-quick-popup-wrapper {



Disclaimer: Inclusion of this solution in the weekly release
may change due to other factors including but not limited to QA checks and works reprioritization.


Swathi Ravi 

SC Stefan Cardenas December 21, 2022 07:00 PM UTC

Thank you for the prompt response and I look forward to the January fix.

RV Ravikumar Venkatesan Syncfusion Team January 10, 2023 06:47 PM UTC

Hi Stefan,

We couldn’t include the fix as promised due to the complexity of the issue, and it will be fixed in the upcoming patch release scheduled for the upcoming week. We will let you know once it is included.


Ravikumar Venkatesan

RV Ravikumar Venkatesan Syncfusion Team January 19, 2023 09:38 AM UTC

Stefan, The fix for the issue “Quick info popup not rendering properly in React 18” has been included in our weekly release 20.4.44. Upgrade to the latest version to resolve the issue.

Release notes: https://ej2.syncfusion.com/react/documentation/release-notes/20.4.44/?type=all#schedule

Sample: https://stackblitz.com/edit/ej2-react-18-schedule-quick-info-popup-template?file=src%2FApp.js

SC Stefan Cardenas January 19, 2023 04:01 PM UTC

Thank you for taking care of this promptly. I greatly appreciate it.

RV Ravikumar Venkatesan Syncfusion Team January 20, 2023 05:55 PM UTC


Please get back to us if you need any other assistance.

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