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Update columns after selecting GridComboBoxColumn


I have an SfDataGrid with four columns: Product, Unit, Price, Quantity

The product column is a GridComboBoxColumn, what I intend to do when selecting a product fill in the unit and price columns that are in the GridComboBoxColumn

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SJ Sathiyathanam Jeyakumar Syncfusion Team November 16, 2022 10:48 AM

We suspect your requirement is to update the relevant UnitPrice and Qunatity for a selected product. You can achieve your requirement by add the UnitPrice and Quantity in a Dictionary with the key as Product name . Then you can listen the selection changed in a GridComboboxColumn by using CurrentCellDropDownSelectionChanged event and here you can update the UnitPrice and Quantity based on the selected product.


public class ViewModel


    public ViewModel()





    public Dictionary<string, double> UnitPriceDict { get; set; }

    public Dictionary<string, int> QuantityDict { get; set; }

    public List<string> ComboItems { get; set; }


    private ObservableCollection<OrderInfo> _ordersListDetails;


    /// <summary>

    /// Gets or sets the orders details.

    /// </summary>

    /// <value>The orders details.</value>

    public ObservableCollection<OrderInfo> OrdersListDetails


        get { return _ordersListDetails; }

        set { _ordersListDetails = value; }


    public void GetListOrdersDetails()


        OrdersListDetails = new ObservableCollection<OrderInfo>();

        ComboItems = productName.ToList();



        OrdersListDetails.Add(new OrderInfo() { ProductName = "Alice Mutton",UnitPrice = UnitPriceDict["Alice Mutton"] ,Quantity = QuantityDict["Alice Mutton"] });

        OrdersListDetails.Add(new OrderInfo() { ProductName = "NuNuCa Nuß-Nougat-Creme", UnitPrice = UnitPriceDict["NuNuCa Nuß-Nougat-Creme"], Quantity = QuantityDict["NuNuCa Nuß-Nougat-Creme"] });

        OrdersListDetails.Add(new OrderInfo() { ProductName = "Boston Crab Meat", UnitPrice = UnitPriceDict["Boston Crab Meat"], Quantity = QuantityDict["Boston Crab Meat"] });

        OrdersListDetails.Add(new OrderInfo() { ProductName = "Raclette Courdavault", UnitPrice = UnitPriceDict["Raclette Courdavault"], Quantity = QuantityDict["Raclette Courdavault"] });

        OrdersListDetails.Add(new OrderInfo() { ProductName = "Wimmers gute", UnitPrice = UnitPriceDict["Wimmers gute"], Quantity = QuantityDict["Wimmers gute"] });



    private void UpdateUnitPriceDictionary()


        UnitPriceDict = new Dictionary<string, double>();

        UnitPriceDict.Add("Alice Mutton", 28.5);

        UnitPriceDict.Add("NuNuCa Nuß-Nougat-Creme", 336.2);

        UnitPriceDict.Add("Boston Crab Meat", 88.3);

        UnitPriceDict.Add("Raclette Courdavault", 86);

        UnitPriceDict.Add("Wimmers gute", 512);


    private void UpdateQuantityDictionary()


        QuantityDict = new Dictionary<string, int>();

        QuantityDict.Add("Alice Mutton", 10);

        QuantityDict.Add("NuNuCa Nuß-Nougat-Creme", 20);

        QuantityDict.Add("Boston Crab Meat", 30);

        QuantityDict.Add("Raclette Courdavault", 40);

        QuantityDict.Add("Wimmers gute", 50);




    /// <summary>

    /// Collection of ProductNames

    /// </summary>

    string[] productName = new string[]


        "Alice Mutton",

        "NuNuCa Nuß-Nougat-Creme",

        "Boston Crab Meat",

        "Raclette Courdavault",

        "Wimmers gute",





XAML && C#

<syncfusion:SfDataGrid Name="dataGrid"




                    ItemsSource="{Binding OrdersListDetails}" >


private void dataGrid_CurrentCellDropDownSelectionChanged(object sender, CurrentCellDropDownSelectionChangedEventArgs e)


    var sfdatagrid = sender as SfDataGrid;

    var viewModel = sfdatagrid.DataContext as ViewModel;

    int rowIndex = sfdatagrid.ResolveToRecordIndex(e.RowColumnIndex.RowIndex);

    var record = (sfdatagrid.View.Records[rowIndex] as RecordEntry).Data as OrderInfo;

    record.UnitPrice = viewModel.UnitPriceDict[e.SelectedItem.ToString()];

    record.Quantity = viewModel.QuantityDict[e.SelectedItem.ToString()];


You can download the sample from the attachments.

Attachment: SfDataGrid_Net_47174d5.zip

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