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Add custom button on editor only on Edit mode

Hi there,
I'm trying to add a new button on the footer of the editor window, ONLY when editor is on Edit mode. In other words, I want to create an extra button next to Delete button, while editing an event. 

I saw this thread https://www.syncfusion.com/forums/160475/add-custom-button , but this pushes the button to the editor on any action, even when I'm checking for an eventId.

I tried to catch editor's mode on popupOpen, as said here: When a cell is double clicked, the detailed editor window opens in “Add new” mode, whereas when an event is double clicked, the same is opened in an “Edit” mode. ​, but couldn't make it work (args.mode returns undefined)
Could you please help me on that?

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SK Satheesh Kumar Balasubramanian Syncfusion Team November 14, 2022 08:55 AM

You can add custom button while editing an event using popupOpen event of the schedule.



var scheduleObj = new ej.schedule.Schedule({

  height: '650px',

  selectedDate: new Date(2018, 1, 15),

  eventSettings: {

    dataSource: [


        Id: 1,

        Subject: 'Meeting',

        StartTime: new Date(2018, 1, 15, 10, 0),

        EndTime: new Date(2018, 1, 15, 12, 30),




  popupOpen: function (args) {

    if (args.type === 'Editor') {

      let dialogObj = args.element.ej2_instances[0];

      let buttons = dialogObj.buttons;

      if (

        args.data.Id &&

        document.querySelectorAll('.e-btn.e-alert').length < 1

      ) {


          buttonModel: {

            cssClass: 'e-alert',

            content: 'Alert',

            isPrimary: true,


          click: alert.bind(this),


        dialogObj.setProperties({ buttons: buttons });

      } else if (

        !args.data.Id &&

        document.querySelectorAll('.e-btn.e-alert').length > 0

      ) {


        dialogObj.setProperties({ buttons: buttons });

        document.querySelectorAll('.e-btn.e-event-delete')[0].style.display =







function alert(e) {

  console.log('Button Clicked');


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