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Navigation Drawer

Hello, I am trying to integrate this very well documented MVVM example. Unfortunately the hierarchical variant is missing the code-behind example for the data binding.


As a WPF newbie I have a hard time translating this part to C#.
How can I bring this part in particular to C#?
Thanks for any help!

        <Style x:Key="ItemStyle" TargetType="syncfusion:NavigationItem">
            <Setter Property="Icon" Value="{Binding Icon}" />
            <Setter Property="DisplayMemberPath" Value="Item" />
            <Setter Property="ItemsSource" Value="{Binding SubItems}" />
        ItemContainerStyle="{StaticResource ItemStyle}"
        ItemsSource="{Binding Items}">

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VV Vijayakumar Viswanathan Syncfusion Team October 24, 2022 07:30 AM

Hi Stefan,


Query: How can I bring a hierarchical Data Binding sample in C#(Code Behind)?


We have prepared a hierarchical data binding sample for SfNavigationDrawer in the C# (Code-Behind file).

Please get the sample from the attachment.


Please check and let us know the details.


Vijayakumar V

Attachment: Hierarchical_Data_Binding_cbb6e190.zip

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SD Stefan Dietl October 24, 2022 08:47 AM

VV Vijayakumar Viswanathan Syncfusion Team October 25, 2022 11:44 PM

Hi Stefan,


Thanks for the update. Please let us know if you have any further queries. We are happy to help you.



Vijayakumar V

SD Stefan Dietl October 27, 2022 02:36 PM

I have another question in relation to the above example (Populating data via MVVM). How can I set a "Command Binding" to each Item or the whole navigationDrawer for handling a "ClickCommand".

I somehow tried to create Setters to the NavigationItem.CommandProperty like You did below to the NavigationItem.DisplayMemberPathProperty - but unsuccessful. Thank You a lot! Stefan

ViewModel viewModel = new ViewModel();
this.DataContext = viewModel;

Style navigationItemStyle = new Style(typeof(NavigationItem));
navigationItemStyle.Setters.Add(new Setter(NavigationItem.DisplayMemberPathProperty, "Item"));
navigationItemStyle.Setters.Add(new Setter(NavigationItem.ItemsSourceProperty, new Binding("SubItems")));

SfNavigationDrawer navigationDrawer = new SfNavigationDrawer();
navigationDrawer.ItemsSource = viewModel.Items;
navigationDrawer.DisplayMode = DisplayMode.Expanded;
navigationDrawer.DisplayMemberPath = "Item";
navigationDrawer.IconMemberPath = "Icon";
navigationDrawer.ItemContainerStyle = navigationItemStyle;

VV Vijayakumar Viswanathan Syncfusion Team October 28, 2022 09:02 AM

Hi Stefan,


Query: How can I set a "Command Binding" to each Item or the whole NavigationDrawer for handling a "ClickCommand" in C#(Code Behind)?


We had already shared the details for Command binding to navigation items in the UG document. Please refer to the below UG link

UG link:  https://help.syncfusion.com/wpf/navigation-drawer/commands-and-events#commands


For setting the command binding in the C# file(code-behind), We have prepared a sample along with the hierarchical data binding. Please get the sample from the attachment.


Please check and let us know if you have further queries.



Vijayakumar V

Attachment: Hierarchical_CommandBinding_7b48fade.zip

SD Stefan Dietl October 28, 2022 02:07 PM

Thank You again for the amazing support!

This two lines are what I needed:

navigationItemStyle.Setters.Add(new Setter(NavigationItem.CommandProperty,viewModel.ClickCommand));
navigationItemStyle.Setters.Add(new Setter(NavigationItem.CommandParameterProperty, new Binding("Item")));

VV Vijayakumar Viswanathan Syncfusion Team October 31, 2022 06:23 AM

Hi Stefan,


We are glad to hear that the solution we provided was helpful to you. Please let us know if you require any further assistance. 



Vijayakumar V

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