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dropdownlisttooltip wa not working properly

I set the tooltip for dropdownlist it was not working properly.

I just set tooltip for first dropdownlist and send dropdownlist not set the tooltip but it takes not only take dropwnlist, list box, mulitselectbox it takes all the things.

Attachment: dropdownlist_d33aee07.7z

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UD UdhayaKumar Duraisamy Syncfusion Team October 13, 2022 02:16 AM

Hi Lakshminarayanan,

We have created a sample based on the shared code snippet. Unfortunately, we couldn’t reproduce the reported issue as per your scenario. We also attached a sample and video illustration for reference. Also, we request that you provide additional details about the exact requirement and video illustrations of the issue, etc. This will help us validate the issue further and provide you with a better solution.

Sample :  https://stackblitz.com/edit/3t7nnt?file=index.js


Udhaya Kumar D

Attachment: chrome_9coq4SHYWt_6a30f1f8.zip

LA Lakshminarayanan October 13, 2022 07:37 AM

we send the link about that. i need first dropdownlist tooltip and we dont need second dropdownlist  for tooltip. 2nd  dropdownlist  not setting the fields for tooltip. but its came. we need any one for dropdownlist  tooltip not both.


UD UdhayaKumar Duraisamy Syncfusion Team October 16, 2022 07:57 AM

Hi Lakshminarayanan,

We can able to set the tooltip for specific ComboBox component by adding a unique name to the popup li elements. Please refer to the below code snippet and sample for more details.

var comboBoxObj = new ej.dropdowns.ComboBox({

  placeholder: 'Select',

  filterBarPlaceholder: 'Search',

  dataSource: resultarr,

  popupHeight: '250px',

  allowFiltering: true,

  filterType: 'contains',

  change: triggerChange,

  fields: { text: 'text'tooltip: 'id' },

  open: () => {

    var el = document.getElementsByClassName('e-list-item');

    for (var i = 0i < el.lengthi++) {




  close: () => {






var tooltip = new ej.popups.Tooltip({

  // default content of tooltip

  content: 'Loading...',

  // set target element to tooltip

  target: '.game1',

  // set position of tooltip

  position: 'top center',

  // bind beforeRender event

  beforeRender: onBeforeRender,



Documentation : https://ej2.syncfusion.com/javascript/documentation/api/combo-box#open

Sample : https://stackblitz.com/edit/3t7nnt-kx9z4u?file=index.js

If this post is helpful, please consider Accepting it as the solution so that other members can locate it more quickly.


Udhaya Kumar D

LA Lakshminarayanan replied to UdhayaKumar Duraisamy October 18, 2022 10:37 PM

its working Thank you.

UD UdhayaKumar Duraisamy Syncfusion Team October 20, 2022 12:09 AM

Hi Lakshminarayanan,

We are glad that your requirement has been fulfilled on your end. We are always happy to assist you.


Udhaya Kumar D

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