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New formula text not recalculating (v1.6.1)

On my grid, some of the cells are formula cells. I populate these cells with code similar to: Dim gsi as GridStyleInfo = New GridStyleInfo() gsi.CellType = "FormulaCell" gsi.Format = "#,##0" gsi.CellValueType = GetType(Double) gsi.CellValue = newValue '' newValue contains the new formula we want GridControl1.SetCellInfo(row, col, gsi, Syncfusion.Styles.StyleModifyType.Changes) For the grid''s initial population, this works fine; the formula''s are interpreted and the proper result displays in the grid. After some user-interaction, I want to change the formula for some cells. So, I populate the applicable cells with the new formula using the same code. However, now the cells display the result of the *old* formula, not the new formula. (Although if I obtain the cell''s contents programmatically, it does seem to contain the new formula, it''s just displaying the *old* result). One other tid-bit: I notice that this only happens when the applicable cells are disabled. If I enable the cells, the new formula is re-calculated correctly. Of course, I don''t want these cells receiving focus, so that''s not a very good option. What can I do to force the formula cell to recalculate using the *new* formula? Thanks, s.s.

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team August 9, 2004 05:20 PM UTC

In a cell whose CellType is "FormulaCell", you cannot set the CellValueType to Double. The reason is the cell has to be a string to hold a formula. So, try removing that line and see if things work better.

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