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ValueChange does not fire

            <EjsDropDownList Placeholder="NewshaCategory" ID="NewshaCategory" TValue="NameId" EnableRtl="true" AllowFiltering=true IgnoreAccent=true  DataSource="@NewshaCategoriesList">
                <DropDownListFieldSettings Value="Id" Text="Name"></DropDownListFieldSettings>
                <Syncfusion.EJ2.Blazor.DropDowns.DropDownListEvents   TValue="NameId"  ValueChange="@NewshaCategorySelected"></Syncfusion.EJ2.Blazor.DropDowns.DropDownListEvents>


 public void NewshaCategorySelected(Syncfusion.EJ2.Blazor.DropDowns.ChangeEventArgs<NameId> args  )

        Description1 = "hello";

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BC Berly Christopher Syncfusion Team August 5, 2019 04:38 AM

Hi Ebi, 

Greetings from Syncfusion support.  

While analyzing the provided code, we found that you bound the Value and Text variable of the DropDownListFieldSettings to the TValue. So, we suggest you to bind the type of Value and Text in the DropDownListFieldSettings to the TValue as mentioned In the below code example to get rid of the reported issue. Also, if you bind the event for the DropDownList component, there is no need to add “@” as the prefix of the event name.  

@using Syncfusion.EJ2.Blazor.DropDowns 
<EjsDropDownList Placeholder="NewshaCategory" ID="NewshaCategory" TValue="string" EnableRtl="true" AllowFiltering=true IgnoreAccent=true DataSource="@NewshaCategoriesList"> 
    <DropDownListFieldSettings Value="ID" Text="Text"></DropDownListFieldSettings> 
    <Syncfusion.EJ2.Blazor.DropDowns.DropDownListEvents TValue="string" ValueChange="NewshaCategorySelected"></Syncfusion.EJ2.Blazor.DropDowns.DropDownListEvents> 
    public class Games 
        public string ID { get; set; } 
        public string Text { get; set; } 
    List<Games> NewshaCategoriesList = new List<Games> { 
    new Games() { ID= "Game1", Text= "American Football" }, 
    new Games() { ID= "Game2", Text= "Badminton" }, 
    new Games() { ID= "Game3", Text= "Basketball" }, 
    new Games() { ID= "Game4", Text= "Cricket" }, 
    new Games() { ID= "Game5", Text= "Football" }, 
    new Games() { ID= "Game6", Text= "Golf" }, 
    new Games() { ID= "Game7", Text= "Hockey" }, 
    new Games() { ID= "Game8", Text= "Rugby"}, 
    new Games() { ID= "Game9", Text= "Snooker" }, 
    new Games() { ID= "Game10", Text= "Tennis"}, 
    public string Description1 { get; set; } 
    public void NewshaCategorySelected(Syncfusion.EJ2.Blazor.DropDowns.ChangeEventArgs<string> args) 
      Description1 = "hello"; 

Please find the sample from the below link. 

To know more about DropDownList in Blazor platform, please refer the below documentation link.  

Berly B.C 

ET ebi torabi August 5, 2019 06:48 AM

Hi Berly 
Thank you . It works very well

IS issam July 16, 2020 08:25 AM

Hello this My code,

  <SfMultiSelect AllowFiltering="true" Value="@MultiVal" Mode="@VisualMode.Box" Query="@Query" TValue="string[]" Placeholder="Chercher une ville">
                        <SfDataManager Url="api/towns/autocomplete" Adaptor="Syncfusion.Blazor.Adaptors.UrlAdaptor" CrossDomain=true></SfDataManager>
                        <MultiSelectFieldSettings Value="code" Text="name"></MultiSelectFieldSettings>
                        <MultiSelectEvents TValue="string[]" ValueChange="onChange"></MultiSelectEvents>

Event is not fired directly when values changed but only when i click out side of SfMultiSelect is there any way to change that?

Thank you.

JM Jeyanth Muthu Pratheeban Sankara Subramanian Syncfusion Team July 17, 2020 08:47 AM

Hi Ebi,

Thanks for your update.

We would like to know you that by default, change event will trigger after selecting or removing values only when focus out the control. To override this behavior, and to fire this event during changing the value, we suggest you to set ChangeOnBlur as false. Please find the UG link below.

UG Link : https://help.syncfusion.com/cr/blazor/Syncfusion.Blazor.DropDowns.SfMultiSelect-1.html#Syncfusion_Blazor_DropDowns_SfMultiSelect_1_ChangeOnBlur


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