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DateTime datatype in ReportParameter

Hi ,

I have this problem where the DateTime parameter is linked to the filter of a tablix.  In the Preview mode after Selecting the Parameter a few times the error will occur as shown below.


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MS Mahendran Shanmugam Syncfusion Team July 10, 2019 04:45 AM

Hi Albert, 
We have checked the mentioned parameter issue with our Report Designer but it is working properly at our end. So could you please share your issue reproducible RDL file to validate the mentioned problem at our end. 
Mahendran S. 

AK Albert K July 10, 2019 08:52 PM

Please find enclosed my example RDL

Attachment: emr_e1fc4a39.zip

AK Albert K August 27, 2019 01:44 AM

Is there any progress on the issue.  I think I might have got to the thing that is causing the issue.  My system dateTime format is set to GB ie dd-mm-yyyy.  The parameter  for datetime will always show the US date format so everytime you select something like 01/24/2018  the error will appear, meaning any day that is greater then 12 will cause error.  

Is there a fix ? Thank you.

VS Vinoth Srinivasan Syncfusion Team August 28, 2019 06:38 AM

Hi Albert, 
We have provided the workaround support to load the report parameter based on locale culture. Please follow the below steps to apply the fix in your Report Server Application.   
1.Ensure to stop the Report Server application from the desktop shortcut – “Stop Syncfusion Report Server”.   
2.Download your required culture script from the below link. 
3.Paste the downloaded culture script file only into the below locations as shown in below snap. 
{{InatalledLocation}}:\Program Files (x86)\Syncfusion\Report Server\ReportServer.Web\ Scripts\EssentialJS\i18n\ 
{{InatalledLocation}}:\Syncfusion\Report Server\ReportServer.Web\  Scripts\EssentialJS\i18n\ 
4.Paste the downloaded localetext script file only into the below locations as shown in below snap. 
 {{InatalledLocation}}:\Program Files (x86)\Syncfusion\Report Server\ReportServer.Web\ Scripts\Localization\reportviewer 
{{InatalledLocation}}:\Syncfusion\Report Server\ReportServer.Web\ Scripts\Localization\reportviewer 
5. Refer the pasted file reference in to “ReportViewer.cshtml” file like below from the below locations as shown in below code example and snap.   
    {{InatalledLocation}}:\Program Files (x86)\Syncfusion\Report Server\ReportServer.Web\Views\FileRender   
    {{InatalledLocation}}:\Syncfusion\Report Server\ReportServer.Web\Views\FileRender   
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" /> 
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" /> 
    <link rel='nofollow' href="@Url.Content("~/Content/Styles/EssentialJS/reportviewer/bootstrap-theme/ej.reportviewer.min.css")" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" /> 
    @Styles.Render(DeviceDetection.IsMobile ? "~/styles/file-render-report-mobile" : "~/styles/file-render-report") 
    @Scripts.Render(DeviceDetection.IsMobile ? "~/scripts/report-render-mobile" : "~/scripts/report-render") 
              <script src="~/Scripts/EssentialJS/i18n/ej.culture.@string.Concat(language,".min.js")"></script> 
        var getLinkReportName = "@ViewBag.ItemName"; 
6. create the en-GB folder add messages.po file to load the server with culture in below server installed locations as shown in below snap. 
{{InatalledLocation}}:\Program Files (x86)\Syncfusion\Report Server\ReportServer.Web\ locale 
{{InatalledLocation}}:\Syncfusion\Report Server\ReportServer.Web\locale 
Please find the below en-GB folder with messages.po file. 
7. Start the Report Server Application from the desktop shortcut – “Start Syncfusion Report Server”.   
8. Click the culture button in server and change the culture to United Kingdom as shown in below snap. 
Output snap: 
Please let us know if you need any clarification. 
Vinoth S. 

AK Albert K August 28, 2019 08:30 PM

Thank you for the update and it worked for the Report Viewer but the designer still does not work when the date is greater then 12, for example 14/Aug/2019.   Also the display in the designer field is also in US format. 

VS Vinoth Srinivasan Syncfusion Team August 29, 2019 01:46 AM

Hi Albert, 

We were able to reproduce the mentioned culture issue in our Report Designer. We will fix this issue and it will be reflected in our upcoming Report Platform release which is estimated to be rolled out on first week of the September 2019. 

Vinoth S. 

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