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Vue js IT Asset management showcase app errors

I'm working with the Vue js showcase app. I've run npm:install and npm:dev . I haven't changed any code. I have the following issue:
The pie charts on the Dashboard view do not display. Console shows:

vue.esm.js?efeb:610 [Vue warn]: Error in mounted hook: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'count' of undefined"found in
at src/components/dashboard/HardwareStatusChart.vue
at src/components/Dashboard.vue
at src/App.vue
warn @ vue.esm.js?efeb:610
logError @ vue.esm.js?efeb:1837
globalHandleError @ vue.esm.js?efeb:1832
handleError @ vue.esm.js?efeb:1821
callHook @ vue.esm.js?efeb:3049
insert @ vue.esm.js?efeb:4269
invokeInsertHook @ vue.esm.js?efeb:6067
patch @ vue.esm.js?efeb:6286
Vue._update @ vue.esm.js?efeb:2787
updateComponent @ vue.esm.js?efeb:2908
get @ vue.esm.js?efeb:3278
Watcher @ vue.esm.js?efeb:3267
mountComponent @ vue.esm.js?efeb:2915
Vue.$mount @ vue.esm.js?efeb:8648
Vue.$mount @ vue.esm.js?efeb:11063
Vue._init @ vue.esm.js?efeb:4754
Vue @ vue.esm.js?efeb:4821
(anonymous) @ main.js?1c90:11
./src/main.js @ app.js:7788
__webpack_require__ @ app.js:679
fn @ app.js:89
0 @ app.js:7813
__webpack_require__ @ app.js:679
(anonymous) @ app.js:725
(anonymous) @ app.js:728
vue.esm.js?efeb:1841 TypeError: Cannot read property 'count' of undefined
at AccumulationSeries.findSumOfPoints (acc-base.js?dbc0:308)
at AccumulationSeries.getPoints (acc-base.js?dbc0:226)
at AccumulationSeries.dataManagerSuccess (acc-base.js?dbc0:214)
at AccumulationSeries.refreshDataManager (acc-base.js?dbc0:198)
at AccumulationChart.processData (accumulation.js?df21:433)
at AccumulationChart.render (accumulation.js?df21:108)
at AccumulationChart.Component.appendTo (component.js?02b4:130)
at VueComponent.ComponentBase.mounted (component-base.js?3cd2:42)
at callHook (vue.esm.js?efeb:3047)
at Object.insert (vue.esm.js?efeb:4269)

npm install did produce the following warnings:

npm WARN @syncfusion/ej2-vue-base@16.4.47 requires a peer of vue@2.5.2 - 2.5.21 but none is installed. You must install peer dependencies yourself.
npm WARN ajv-keywords@2.1.1 requires a peer of ajv@^5.0.0 but none is installed. You must install peer dependencies yourself.
npm WARN optional SKIPPING OPTIONAL DEPENDENCY: fsevents@1.2.7 (node_modules\fsevents):
npm WARN notsup SKIPPING OPTIONAL DEPENDENCY: Unsupported platform for fsevents@1.2.7: wanted {"os":"darwin","arch":"any"} (current: {"os":"win32","arch":"x64"})
I'm running node v10.15.1 and npm 6.4.1
I'm not sure how to proceed.

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DD Dharanidharan Dharmasivam Syncfusion Team February 12, 2019 01:29 PM UTC

Hi Chris, 
Thanks for being patience. 

We were able to reproduce the issue Data not filtered properly, when using the query in data manager and we confirm this as a bug and logged a defect report. You can keep track of the bug from the feedback portal below.  
The fix will be available in our upcoming weekly patch release which is scheduled to be rolled out at February 13, 2019.   

If you have any more specification/precise replication procedure or a scenario to be tested, you can add it as a comment in the portal.  

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