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CreateOrthogonalLink Bug...

normal orthogonallink work well. sample) this.diagram1.ActivateTool("LinkTool"); but using a delegate function has bug. :( sample) this.diagram1.ActivateTool("LinkTool"); in Consturctor { // Attach link object factory to the link tool Tool linkTool = this.diagram1.Controller.GetTool("LinkTool"); if (linkTool != null && linkTool.GetType() == typeof(LinkTool)) { ((LinkTool)linkTool).LinkFactory = new LinkFactory(this.CreateOrthogonalLink); } } private Link CreateOrthogonalLink(PointF[] pts) { Link link = new Link(Link.Shapes.OrthogonalLine, pts); link.LineStyle.LineWidth = 1; link.EndPoints.LastEndPointDecorator = new EndPointDecorator(EndPointVisuals.ClosedArrow); return link; } draw the closedArrow in CreateOrthogonalLink. after link to between two symbol, arrow click, move.... but arrow is not move... and link is twisted... current |----A ∃------- > | > |----B hope |---->A ∃--- | |---->B

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team April 22, 2004 02:30 AM UTC

current      |----A ∃-------   >    |  >    |----B hope    |---->A ∃----    |    |---->B

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team April 28, 2004 12:30 PM UTC

Hi, Thank you for bringing this problem to our attention. This has been categorized as a bug and a QA report has been logged. We have noticed a few other problems as well when attempting to move linked symbols. This issue will be accorded very high priority and we will do our best to fix this at the earliest possible. Regards, Prakash Syncfusion, Inc

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