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Expanded Documentation with more examples

First, you all are awesome at responding quickly to forum requests and providing great examples, Thanks!!!

If you expand your docs with more detailed examples, not just local but remote as well, it will help users and cut down on forum requests  

As an example that took me alot of time to figure out was dealing with Custom Adapters, there is just not enough documentation and very simple examples to easily understand.  Examples are only local, remote custom adapter examples would be great.

Let's take the below scenario where more examples and expanded docs would have helped.

Using your UrlAdapter with a query statement below, how do you know what the json format of the Request Payload Posted to the server? 
var query = ej.Query().take(7);
Example:  The UrlAdapter would POST  {take: 7, params: {}} in the Request Payload.  My server on the other hand expects the below json object to be sent
{take:7} with no params object. This is just an example of what my server expects but it could be any format, just like your ODataAdaptor which extends the UrlAdapte 
to change the way and json format of data that is Posted to the server. So more doc's explaining the format of json posted use a particular Adapter and 
expected json format the datamanager expects to receive. 
More detailed examples of creating a Custom Adapter's that connects to a remote api, Overriding processQuery or any other method to change they way/format of data 
that is sent/received to the server.

Without looking at ej.data.js you do not know any of the methods of the Adapter prototype or the methods of the UrlAdapter which extends and overrides methods such as 
processQuery, processResponse, beforSend, update, ect. Adding the Adapter prototype and your built-in Adapters to your API docs with detailed explanations of the 
the methods for each adapter and why/how they are used will help users understand how to create Custom Adapters. This is just my example problem, where expanded docs
and examples would have helped.

By taking more of the forum answers with the code examples you provide and incorporating them into your docs would also cut down on forum questions.

Thanks for a great product and awesome support!

4 Replies

PO Prince Oliver Syncfusion Team October 27, 2016 09:21 AM UTC

Hi Dan,   
Thanks for your suggestion.   
We are working on providing better documentation with detailed examples. We will roll out the changes in one of the upcoming releases once the documentation work and reviews are completed. We will let you know when it is refreshed online.   

DA dan October 30, 2016 03:04 PM UTC

One additional suggestion would be to add accepted answer to your forums questions as well as a voting sytem for questions.

1) Accepted answers help users narrow down what they think will help resolve their problem.

2) Voting helps you determine what questions are more important to your users which in turns helps you decide if the question should be included in your docs.

DA dan October 30, 2016 03:14 PM UTC

Also being able to edit your post if you make a mistake or need to clarify it, instead of having to submit a new reply just to update your post. Being able to change the question title if necessary again clarifying what the post is about for other users looking for answers.

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team October 31, 2016 11:29 AM UTC

Hi Dan,   
Thanks for your suggestions.   
We will take note of these suggestions as a feature request for Forum Support System improvements. We will check the possibilities and roll out the features (Accepted Answers, Voting System and Edit forum post) in one of our upcoming website releases.   
Mathan Kumar H. J.   

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