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Circular Gauge with GaugeType.NorthEast being cropped

I am working on a project using Syncfusion's Xamarin.Android circular gauge widgets, and I need to use the NorthEast GaugeType for the gauge. However, when I set the GaugeType to GaugeType.NorthEast, it appears that the edges of the gauge get cropped, leaving an ugly looking widget. Here is a picture of using such a gauge on the sample application that comes with the Xamarin widget APIs:
Sample NorthEast Circular Gauge
As you can see, the left edge of the gauge is getting cropped. This appears to happen on the edge of the widget with the shortest size, or both left and bottom edges if the widget is made square. I have already tried adding padding to the container view of the widget, as well as adding margins to the widget view itself. I can't seem to prevent the gauge from cropping at least one edge. Is there a way to fix this?

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SP Sivakumar Punniya Moorthi Syncfusion Team September 28, 2016 02:17 PM UTC

Hi Jones,

Thanks for using syncfusion products.

We will analyze your defect and update the details within two working days.

Sivakumar P

UN Unknown Syncfusion Team October 4, 2016 05:22 PM UTC


Is there any update on this issue?

SG Swathi Gopal Syncfusion Team October 5, 2016 04:26 AM UTC

Hi Trystan, 
Sorry for the delay in get back to you. 
We have analyzed your requirement, where default type of Circular Gauge can be used with the expected padding space around the Gauge by setting Start angle and sweep angle as 270 and 90 respectively. Whereas other four types of quarter gauges were implemented to occupy the entire space of the control. Moreover, needle pointer should be pointed to specific value from the center of the circular gauge (for north east it should be in left bottom corner). For instance, if we try to avoid cropping of pointer knob in north east gauge, by moving the knob towards the rim of the gauge then pointer will not be pointed from the center. Therefore, it is the behavior of these types of circular Gauge. Your requirement can be achieved by customizing the pointers and know, we have already planned to provide this support and it will be available in any of our upcoming release. 
Please let us know for further assistance. 
Swathi G 

UN Unknown Syncfusion Team October 6, 2016 03:51 PM UTC

I am sorry, but your proposed solution, to manually offset the pointer and knob in the gauge, is certainly not an adequate fix for the problem.  Please note that the NorthEast quarter gauge is not the only quarter gauge that has this cropping problem.  As seen below, the NorthWest has it too, as do the SouthEast and SouthWest gauges.   Further, I would note that I have ensured that the Start and Sweep angles are all set appropriately for these gauges, and nothing seems to fix the cropping.
NorthWest quarter gauge
As you can see, not only is the pointer knob getting cropped, but so is the edge of the rim and the labels.  This is happening for all quarter gauges, but it is most evident in the NorthWest gauge.  It is obvious to me that the code that renders the gauge fails to add any extra padding to compensate for any of the elements of the gauge going beyond the edge of the initial square used to size the gauge.  This is clearly a bug in the code, and should be addressed directly.  Offering a solution by saying that I should be able to implement a custom pointer to manually offset the knob is a hack of a solution, and is not acceptable.  This cropping should be in no way the default behavior of the gauge, and this needs to be fixed so that quarter gauges by default show all of the elements of the gauge without cropping them, without requiring any modifications or adding custom elements to the gauge.

SP Sivakumar Punniya Moorthi Syncfusion Team October 7, 2016 02:07 PM UTC

Hi Trystan,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

We are able to reproduce the mentioned issue and we have confirmed this as bug and logged a report on this. Also we have created a support incident under your account to track the status of this issue.

Please log on to our support website to check for further updates.


Sivakumar P

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