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Syncfusion crash after Windows 10 anniversary update


after the last windows 10 update we get the following error.
Is there at the moment a general problem with the anniversary win 10 update and syncfusion?


Error happens on:

if the Property ThemesEnabled is set to true.

Platform: AnyCPU
Tested on: 64bit OS

The wparam of the win-message gets to big on a 64bit system and converting it with ToInt32() causes the error.

Instead of using System.IntPtr.ToInt32() use ToInt64()

m    {msg=0x85 (WM_NCPAINT) hwnd=0x3084c wparam=0xbd04149d lparam=0x0 result=0x0}    System.Windows.Forms.Message

   bei System.IntPtr.ToInt32()
   bei Syncfusion.Drawing.DrawingUtils.NCPaintHelper(Control control, INonClientPaintingSupport ncPaintDelegate, Message& m)
   bei Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.ThemedWindowDrawing.DrawThemedBorderColor(Control control, Message& msg)
   bei Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.ScrollControl.WmNcPaint(Message& msg)
   bei Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.ScrollControl.WndProc(Message& msg)
   bei Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.TreeViewAdv.WndProc(Message& m)
   bei System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
   bei System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.DebuggableCallback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)


You are doing it the right way on:


See also:
"Note that HANDLE is defined as a void*, so typecasting a HANDLE value to a ULONG value to test, set, or clear the low-order 2 bits is an error on 64-bit Windows."
source: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa384242(v=vs.85).aspx

See also:
"On a 64-bit platform, the value of this instance is too large or too small to represent as a 32-bit signed integer."
source: https://msdn.microsoft.com/de-de/library/system.intptr.toint32(v=vs.110).aspx

12 Replies

VR Vijayalakshmi Roopkumar Syncfusion Team August 5, 2016 05:11 PM UTC

Hi Christian,

We have analysed the reported problem with TreeviewAdv by setting ThemeEnabled property in Specified OS configuration. But we are unable to reproduce the reported issue. Please find the screenshot that shows the ThemeEnabled property set for TreeViewAdv.


Could you please provide us the issue reproducible sample along with the replication steps? That would be helpful for us to proceed further on this.

Vijayalakshmi V.R.

CG Christian Gerhards August 8, 2016 07:44 AM UTC


we have provided a example which shows the error.

Please click on the button "WM_NCPAINT" and wait a few seconds then the error will occur.

Christian Gerhards

Attachment: Example_5ed288c3.rar

SM Sugapriya Mariappan Syncfusion Team August 9, 2016 12:55 PM UTC

Hi Christian,

Please check the incident under your direct trac account for the further followup


SS Sunilkumar S October 4, 2018 12:04 PM UTC

I am facing the same issue. 
Windows 10 64 bit OS. Is there any solution for this problem? windows 7 works fine without any problem.

Exception Source:      Syncfusion.Shared.Base
Exception Type:        System.OverflowException
Exception Message:     Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.
Exception Target Site: NCPaintHelper

---- Call stack ----
   Syncfusion.Drawing.DrawingUtils.NCPaintHelper(Control control, INonClientPaintingSupport ncPaintDelegate, Message& m)
       PCMFrame.exe: NativeOffset 00544, ILOffset 0132
   Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.ThemedWindowDrawing.DrawThemedBorderColor(Control control, Message& msg)
       PCMFrame.exe: NativeOffset 00254, ILOffset 0078
   Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.ScrollControl.WmNcPaint(Message& msg)
       PCMFrame.exe: NativeOffset 00213, ILOffset 0133
   Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.ScrollControl.WndProc(Message& msg)
       PCMFrame.exe: NativeOffset 00324, ILOffset 0233
   Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.TreeViewAdv.WndProc(Message& m)
       PCMFrame.exe: NativeOffset 02144, ILOffset 0000
   System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)
       PCMFrame.exe: NativeOffset 00195, ILOffset 0037
---- End of Stack Trace ----

  <Point module='Syncfusion.Shared.Base.dll' classFull='Syncfusion.Drawing.DrawingUtils' methodName='NCPaintHelper' methodSignature='IntPtr NCPaintHelper(System.Windows.Forms.Control, Syncfusion.Drawing.INonClientPaintingSupport, System.Windows.Forms.Message ByRef)' methodToken='0x60009af' ILOffset='132' />
  <Point module='Syncfusion.Shared.Base.dll' classFull='Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.ThemedWindowDrawing' methodName='DrawThemedBorderColor' methodSignature='Void DrawThemedBorderColor(System.Windows.Forms.Control, System.Windows.Forms.Message ByRef)' methodToken='0x60026a6' ILOffset='78' />
  <Point module='Syncfusion.Shared.Base.dll' classFull='Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.ScrollControl' methodName='WmNcPaint' methodSignature='Void WmNcPaint(System.Windows.Forms.Message ByRef)' methodToken='0x6001e4b' ILOffset='133' />
  <Point module='Syncfusion.Shared.Base.dll' classFull='Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.ScrollControl' methodName='WndProc' methodSignature='Void WndProc(System.Windows.Forms.Message ByRef)' methodToken='0x6001e49' ILOffset='233' />
  <Point module='Syncfusion.Tools.Windows.dll' classFull='Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.TreeViewAdv' methodName='WndProc' methodSignature='Void WndProc(System.Windows.Forms.Message ByRef)' methodToken='0x6003b41' ILOffset='0' />
  <Point module='System.Windows.Forms.dll' classFull='System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow' methodName='Callback' methodSignature='IntPtr Callback(IntPtr, Int32, IntPtr, IntPtr)' methodToken='0x6002cd7' ILOffset='37' />

AA Arulraj A Syncfusion Team October 5, 2018 05:00 AM UTC

Hi Sunilkumar, 
Thanks for your update. 
The reported issue “IntPtr cast error when converting to Int32 in Windows 10 anniversary update” has been fixed already and it is available in the release 2016 Volume 3. We suggest you to use any of our latest release from 2016 Volume 3. Our last release Essential Studio Volume 3, 2018 release (v16.3.0.21) is  available for download under the following link.  
Please get in touch with us if you would require any further assistance.  
Arulraj A 

SS Sunilkumar S October 5, 2018 05:33 AM UTC

is there any way i can fix the issue with same version. 
Its not so easy for our product to upgrade!

AA Arulraj A Syncfusion Team October 5, 2018 06:10 AM UTC

Hi Sunilkumar, 
Thanks for your update. 
Please let us know your Essential Studio version so that we can provide patch in that version. 
Arulraj A 

SS Sunilkumar S October 11, 2018 04:17 AM UTC

Syncfusion Version

AA Arulraj A Syncfusion Team October 11, 2018 06:33 AM UTC

Hi Sunilkumar, 

Thanks for the update. 

Please check the incident under your direct trac account for the further follow up. 

Arulraj A 

SA Said Alhayek April 29, 2020 07:39 PM UTC


We have a similar problem. We're using a 3rd party application that uses version 8 of sync fusion winforms library. is there a patch we can user ?


DV Duraimurugan Vedagiri Syncfusion Team May 4, 2020 01:21 PM UTC

Hi Alhayek,

Thanks for your update.

We don’t have patch support to your required version 8 and the reported issue has been fixed in our latest version. Our latest Essential Studio 2020 Volume 1 Release v18.1.0.42 is available for download from the following location. So please upgrade to latest syncfusion version.



PG Peter Groft March 30, 2023 09:15 AM UTC

If you are experiencing crashes with Syncfusion after updating to Windows 10 anniversary update, you may need to update your Syncfusion version to the latest version that is compatible with the update.

Here are the steps you can take to update your Syncfusion version:

  1. Check the compatibility of your Syncfusion version with Windows 10 anniversary update by referring to the Syncfusion support documentation.
  2. If your Syncfusion version is not compatible, download and install the latest version of Syncfusion that is compatible with Windows 10 anniversary update.
  3. If you are still experiencing crashes after updating Syncfusion, try the following troubleshooting steps:
  • Clear the Syncfusion cache by deleting the contents of the following folder: %LocalAppData%\Syncfusion\EssentialStudio\<Syncfusion Version>\CachedAssemblies.
  • Check for any conflicting third-party software or add-ins that may be interfering with Syncfusion.
  • Try running Syncfusion in compatibility mode by right-clicking on the Syncfusion application executable file and selecting "Properties", then selecting the "Compatibility" tab and checking the box for "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and selecting the appropriate Windows version.
  • Try running Syncfusion with administrative privileges by right-clicking on the Syncfusion application executable file and selecting "Run as administrator".


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