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Resize Row for Multi-Line Text Box Entry

Is there a way to automatically resize a row based on the height of a multi-line TextBox in the row?  I have an SfDataGrid with a GridTemplateColumn that contains a multi-line TextBox in the EditTemplate.  I have enabled the Enter key to go through to the text box, but the user can't see what they're typing on the next line because the row does not resize.  A scrollbar appears, but only the top arrow is visible on it.  Thanks for the help.

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AS Ayyanar Sasi Kumar Jeyaraj Syncfusion Team November 4, 2015 01:56 PM UTC

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for contacting Syncfusion support.

We have analyzed your query.

You can automatically resize a row when you type multi-line text in SfDataGrid by using QueryRowHeight event.


private void datagrid_QueryRowHeight(object sender, QueryRowHeightEventArgs e)


            if (this.datagrid.GridColumnSizer.GetAutoRowHeight(e.RowIndex, gridRowResizingOptions, out Height))


                e.Height = Height;

                e.Handled = true;



For measuring the text while using GridTemplateColumn, you need to derive a new class from our GridColumnSizer and override the MeasureTemplate method like below,


public class dColumnSizerExt : GridColumnSizer


        public dColumnSizerExt(SfDataGrid grid)

            : base(grid)



        protected override Size MeasureTemplate(object record, GridColumn column)



            var data = record.GetType().GetProperty(column.MappingName).GetValue(record); 

                 var datatext=Convert.ToString(data);


                    FormattedText formattedtext = GetFormattedText(column, record, datatext);

                        formattedtext.Trimming = TextTrimming.None;


                            formattedtext.MaxTextWidth = this.DataGrid.GetVisualContainer().ColumnWidths.DefaultLineSize;

                            formattedtext.MaxTextHeight = double.MaxValue;


                                if (formattedtext.MaxTextWidth > (Margin.Left + Margin.Right))

                                    formattedtext.MaxTextWidth -= (Margin.Left + Margin.Right);                   

            return new Size(formattedtext.Width, formattedtext.Height);                           


        private FormattedText GetFormattedText(GridColumn column, object record, string datatext)


             FormattedText formattedtext;

                formattedtext = new FormattedText(datatext, System.Globalization.CultureInfo.CurrentCulture, DataGrid.FlowDirection, new Typeface(FontFamily, new FontStyle(), new FontWeight(), new FontStretch()), 14, Brushes.Black);

            return formattedtext;


We have also prepared the sample based on this and you can download the sample from the below location,



Please let us know if you have any further assistance


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