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Cell size is not fitting using the ExcelToPdfConverter

i am trying to convert an excel file in a pdf. But it does not look similar. I have tried the option LayoutOptions.FitAllColumnsOnOnePage. The result is a little bit better, but then the cell hight and wordwrap is still the same as without the option LayoutOptions.FitAllColumnsOnOnePage. That does not look good and waste a lot of paper.
Can you help me to make the pdf look more then the pdf which can be generated from Excel itself.
I simply want to print out an excel file as pdf exactly as it is, without doing some configuration or compensating layout differences.
Can you help me with my issue?
Thanks a lot

Attachment: SyncfusionCellFitting_1e87b5eb.zip

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MM Mathu Mohan Vijayakumar Syncfusion Team October 5, 2015 12:17 PM UTC

Hi Harald,

Thank you for using Syncfusion products.

We are unable to reproduce the issue. So we have prepared a simple sample for your reference which can be downloaded in the below link.

Sample Link:


We request you to check the sample with your input file and if the issue still exists, kindly share us your assembly version and the modified sample file. This will be helpful to investigate further on this and provide a prompt solution at the earliest.


Mathu Mohan V A             

HD Harald Dobner October 6, 2015 05:44 AM UTC

Thank you for your answer.

You can see the problem on your converter sample. Please see the example in the attachment. 


Please look in Line A4. The hight in line A4 is not fitting. Where does the optional space come from? 

Thank you for your help.

Attachment: SyncfusionCellFitting_37e5ec3f.zip

SR Sudha Ramachandran Syncfusion Team October 7, 2015 11:17 AM UTC

Hi Harald,


Please find the details below.


Please look in Line A4. The hight in line A4 is not fitting.

Are you referring the blank cell A4?

Where does the optional space come from? 

We don’t find any noticeable space issue in the output files as shown in the below screenshots. Also the screenshots (shared by you in the previous post) seem to differ from the excel file provided. Please provide the issue reproducing file along with your working working version, so as to provide you a prompt solution.







Sudha R

HD Harald Dobner October 7, 2015 08:27 PM UTC


Thank you for your answer. I understand that is difficult to understand without a good example.

Please look in the excelfile cell E73. The font in the pdf is a little bit smaller then in the excel file. So the text in the excel cell fits in 6 lines. The same text in the pdf fits in 4 lines because of the smaller font. But in the pdf cell is still space for 6 lines of text. So the hight is two lines to high and there is a ugly whitespace in the cell. You can see the same effect in Excel cell E78 and E79. Please look in the attachment for more info.

The pdf in the attachment is generated with your converter example under the url http://asp.syncfusion.com/demos/reporting/xlsio/Product%20Showcase/ExcelToPDF/CS/ExcelToPDF.aspx I dont know what version the software on your server is. In my develop environment I’m using the following versions:

Syncfusion.ExcelToPDFConverter.Base 13.1450.0.21

Syncfusion.XlsIO.Base 13.1450.0.21

Same problem.

Thank you for your help.




Attachment: sync_16c1a2ea.zip

MM Mathu Mohan Vijayakumar Syncfusion Team October 8, 2015 11:45 AM UTC

Hi Harald,

Please find the details below.

The issues in “E78 ” and “E79”

These issues have been already fixed in our latest version where Excel To PDF conversion has been enhanced. So, we strongly recommend you to upgrade to our latest version (, which has more features and enhancements. This is available for download under the following link.

Latest Version:


Issue in “E73”

We were able to reproduce this issue and the fix for this will be included in our main release 13.4 which will be available by the mid of December 2015. Also we have created an incident internally to have follow-up on this defect.

Mathu Mohan V A

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