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it just doesnt work i can chage whole DisplayStrings Array but the labels still has default Value ; Why?

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MK Muthukumar Kalyanasundaram Syncfusion Team July 24, 2014 06:54 PM UTC

Hi Sergiy,


Thank you for your interest in Syncfusion products.


There is a static string array that holds these strings. If you want to change displaystring through this static array.


Here is the definition of the static member:


// Here we have given our display string value


public static string[] DisplayStrings = new string[]


                                        "Sub&ject1:", "&Location:", "Sho&w time as:","&Reminder:", "All Day Event","En&d Time:","Start Time&:","La&bel:",   

                                        "subject", "Cancel","Save and Close",  };

        private const int _Subject1 = 0;

        private const int _Location = 1;

        private const int _Show_time_as = 2;

        private const int _Reminder = 3;

        private const int _All_Day_Event = 4;

        private const int _End_Time = 5;

        private const int _Start_Time = 6;

        private const int _Label = 7;

        private const int _subject = 8;

        private const int _Cancel = 9;

        private const int _Save_and_Close = 10;

        private const int _Enter_Appointment = 11;


        private void InitStrings()


            this.label1.Text = DisplayStrings[_Subject];

            this.label2.Text = DisplayStrings[_Location];

            this.label6.Text = DisplayStrings[_Show_time_as];

            this.reminderCheckBox.Text = DisplayStrings[_Reminder];

            this.allDayEventCheckBox.Text = DisplayStrings[_All_Day_Event];

            this.label5.Text = DisplayStrings[_End_Time];

            this.label4.Text = DisplayStrings[_Start_Time];

            this.label3.Text = DisplayStrings[_Label];

            this.subjectTextBox.Text = DisplayStrings[_subject];

            this.button2.Text = DisplayStrings[_Cancel];

            this.button1.Text = DisplayStrings[_Save_and_Close];

            this.Text = DisplayStrings[_Enter_Appointment];



 And to customize the Appointment from of Schedule form. The IScheduleAppointmentList is used to find the new item in ScheduleControl as shown below. 

Code Snippet:

void scheduleControl_ShowingAppointmentForm(object sender, Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Schedule.ShowingAppointFormEventArgs e)
AppointMentForm fr = new AppointMentForm();
IScheduleAppointment sch = e.Item.Clone() as IScheduleAppointment;
e.Cancel = true;
e.Handled = false;
fr.schedule = this.scheduleControl;
IScheduleAppointmentList list = this.dataprovider.GetScheduleForDay(e.Item.StartTime);
if (list.Contains(e.Item))
fr.newappointment = false;
fr.newappointment = true;
if (fr.newappointment)
fr.SetDataProvider(dataprovider, sch);
fr.SetDataProvider(dataprovider, e.Item);
IRecurringScheduleAppointment recurItem = e.Item as IRecurringScheduleAppointment;
fr.ShowRecurDialog.Text = recurItem.RecurrenceRule.Length > 0
? (RecurrenceSupport.IsSpanItem(recurItem) ? "Delete Span" : "EditRecurring")
: "MakeRecurring";

Please let us know if you have any concerns.

Thanks & Regards,

Muthukumar K


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