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Access denied error while opening Filter Dialog


I have implemented Custom Styling for the grid. I have taken reference from http://asp.syncfusion.com/demos/ui/gridgrouping/Appearance/CustomSkins/cs/Cssfile.aspx link for the implementation.

Everything works alright till the moment i try to open the Filter Dialog box from the grid.

It gives Access denied error in WebResource_3.axd....... file at below line:

this.OnLoad = function() {

function fnRun() {

if (window.frameElement.parentNode) {


The complete dynamically js file i am attached for reference.

Please provide some insight to solve the issue.



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AR Ajith R Syncfusion Team September 3, 2013 05:13 AM UTC

Hi Ankesh,


Thanks for using Syncfusion products.


Query : Access denied error while opening Filter Dialog


We are sorry for inconvenience caused. We are unable to reproduce the issue. We have prepared a simple sample, video demonstrating the working of the sample and the same can be downloaded from the following links.


Sample: Sample.zip


 Video: SampleVideo.zip


Could you please try the above sample and get back to us whether you are able to reproduce the issue? If not, could you please provide more information regarding the issue or by reproducing the issue in the above sample so that we could sort out the issue and provide you with solution. The information provided would be of great help in resolving the issue.


Please let us know if you have any concerns.




Ajith R



AS Ankesh Suresh Maradia September 5, 2013 02:13 PM UTC

The sample looks fine, however i am still facing issue in my application.

Can you provide any pointers?

AR Ajith R Syncfusion Team September 11, 2013 01:09 PM UTC

Hi Ankesh,


Thanks for your update.


Query : Can you provide any pointers?


1.       Could you please check whether the FilterDialogStyleSheet is created in the Page_Load of your sample and please check the path of the css is correct.


                this.GridGroupingControl1.TopLevelGroupOptions.FilterDialogStyleSheet = Page.ResolveUrl("~/CustomSkins/css/FilterStyle.css");


2.       Could you please check whether all images and css in the content folder placed correctly.


3.       Could you please check whether the css class correctly added in the view page.


                 <Syncfusion:GridGroupingControl ID="GridGroupingControl1" EnableCallbacks="False"

                    runat="server" DataMember="DefaultView" DataSourceCachingMode="ViewState" BorderCollapse="Separate"

                    CssClass="GridInsense" GroupDropAreaCssClass="GridInsenseGroupDropArea" DragSelectionBackColor="Yellow"



                    <TableDescriptor AllowNew="False" Name="Customer Data" AllowFilter="True" TableOptions-SelectionBackColor="#E4DABA"

                        TableOptions-SelectionTextColor="black" AllowEdit="true" SortUpImage="CustomSkins/css/sortup.gif"





                        <AnyRecordFieldCell CssClass="GridInsenseAnyRecord"></AnyRecordFieldCell>

                        <AlternateRecordFieldCell CssClass="GridInsenseAlternateRecord"></AlternateRecordFieldCell>

                        <RecordPreviewCell CssClass="GridInsenseRecordPreview" />

                        <GroupIndentCell CssClass="GridInsenseGroupIndentCell" />

                        <GroupCaptionCell CssClass="GridInsenseGroupCaption" />

                        <AnySummaryCell CssClass="GridInsenseAnySummary" />

                        <GroupCaptionPlusMinusCell CssClass="GridInsensePlusMinus" />

                        <TopLeftHeaderCell CssClass="GridInsenseTopLeftHeaderCell" />

                        <RowHeaderCell CssClass="GridInsenseRowHeaders" />

                        <ColumnHeaderCell CssClass="GridInsenseColumnHeaders" />

                        <GroupHeaderRowHeaderCell CssClass="GridInsenseGroupedColumnHeaders" />

                        <FilterBarCell CssClass="GridInsenseFilterBarCell" />




Please let us know if you need any further assistance.




Ajith R

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