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How to retrieve row information in Context Menu's "OnContextMenuItemClick"








.Column(column =>


column.Add(m => m.MandateID).HeaderText(


column.Add(m => m.Name).HeaderText(

"Mandate Name").Format("<a rel='nofollow' href=\"/Search/VersionSearch?mID={MandateID}&mNString={Name}\">{Name}</a>"); //.Format("<a rel='nofollow' href=\"javascript:OnVersionSearchClick('{MandateID}', '{Name}')\">{Name}</a>");

column.Add(m => m.DocumentOwnerUser).HeaderText(

"Mandate Owner");

column.Add(m => m.SeniorManagerUser).HeaderText(

"Senior Manager");

column.Add(m => m.EffectiveDate).HeaderText(

"Effective Date");

column.Add(m => m.VersionNumber).HeaderText(

"Version Number");

column.Add(m => m.LastApprovedDate).HeaderText(

"Last Approved Date");

column.Add(m => m.LastModifiedDate).HeaderText(

"Last Modified Date");

column.Add(m => m.Status).HeaderText(

"Mandate Status");


"ChangeLog").HeaderText("View Change Log").Format("<a rel='nofollow' href=\"javascript:OnChangeLogButtonClick('{MandateID}')\"><img src=\"/Content/themes/base/images/binocular-small.png\"</a>");










.ContextMenuItems(items =>


//items.Add(new ContextMenuItem() { Item = ContextMenuItems.Custom, HeaderCss = "PDFExport", TargetElement = GridElements.Record, Text = "Get Latest Version" });


new ContextMenuItem() { Item = ContextMenuItems.Custom, HeaderCss = "GetSpecificVersion", TargetElement = GridElements.Record, Text = "Get Specific Version" });


.ClientSideEvents(events =>








2 Replies

AR Arvind August 20, 2013 03:28 PM UTC

When I click on "Get Specific Version" in the ContextMenu, I want to open a pop-up window and pass some of the information of the row in the grid to it. The model I'm using to bind the data has a porperty called ID. How do I retrieve the ID in "OnContextMenuItemClick". Is there any other way to get the ID value?

AR Ajith R Syncfusion Team August 22, 2013 10:07 AM UTC

Hi Arvind,


Thanks for using Syncfusion products.


Query : How to get a specific record from grid to popup widow when context menu item clicked?


We suggest you to get  the selected records from the sender by using get_SelectedRecords method and get the value of the record  based on its column name. Please refer the below code snippet for further details.




<script type="text/javascript">

    function ItemClick(sender, args) {

        alert("University Code : " + sender.get_SelectedRecords()[0].UniversityCode);




Please refer the below link to download the sample.


Please let us know if you have any concerns.




Ajith R


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