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Window control

in syncfusion for ASP.NET MVC suite there is window control???
I find that in syncfusion for ASP.NET,but i don't find in MVC...

Thanks to all for replys


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ME Meena Syncfusion Team March 12, 2013 04:31 AM UTC

Hi Filippo,


Thanks for contacting Syncfusion forums.


Currently we do not have Window control in Tools MVC product. We would like to suggest you the Syncfusion Dialog control. Dialog control is same as the Window control in its properties and features. Please refer the below online sample link and documentation link for more details on Dialog control,


Sample link: http://mvc.syncfusion.com/demos/ui/tools/dialog/throughview


Documentation Link :  http://help.syncfusion.com/ug/asp.net%20mvc/tools/default.htm#!documents/dialog.htm


Kindly have a look at the above links and let us know if this Dialog control would meet your requirement.




FV filippo vergani March 26, 2013 09:54 AM UTC

Many thanks for your replay.
Only a little more question.
The dialog control seems to be good for my purpose but how can I load into it a web page , peraphs with an IFrame Control inside the Dialog?
I would include an IFrame in Dialog Control and load into a new URL 
like this: "/ControllerName/ActionName?CustomerID=1"
If this is possibile, I'll make a fully functionality MDI (Multi Documents Interface) web application.
Thanks in advance for your response.

ME Meena Syncfusion Team April 3, 2013 06:49 AM UTC

Hi Filippo


Thanks for the update.


Your requirement of placing an iframe inside Syncfusion dialog can be achieved using the following code snippet,




<div id="dialogContents" style="visibility: hidden">

    <iframe id="dialogframe" src="Home/About" height="300px" width="400px"></iframe>


@Html.Syncfusion().Dialog("dialogContents").Height(400).Width(450).Title("Dialog with Iframe")




We have prepared a simple sample with above requirement for your convenience and it can be downloaded from the below link.


Kindly have a look at the sample and let us know if your requirement is met.





GL Gaetano La Fragola April 8, 2013 11:13 PM UTC

thanks for your post. 
I noticed the Asp.net Window Control (NOT Mvc). So, Can I replace Dialog Control with Window Control to do the same thing.
In particular I would like to create a window for each menu item associated with an aspx page. Attention please, if the user presses the same button twice, two identical windows should appear.
It is possible? 
Can you drive me with an example project?
Many thanks

ME Meena Syncfusion Team April 11, 2013 04:15 PM UTC

Hi Filippo,


Thanks for the update.


Could you please let us know whether your intention is to use Asp.Net Window control in MVC? If so, we would like to let you know that it is not possible to use the asp.net controls in MVC platform. Please refer the below forum for more details on this.




Kindly provide the above detail, so that we can proceed further.




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