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As a VC++ programmer, what should I look out for when using C#

Platform: WinForms| Category: from MFC

1] The conditionals in if-statements must calculate to a boolean value. You cannot write something like

if (nUnits)  {    ...   } 

where nUnits is a int.

2] All code must reside in a class. There are no global variables per se.

3] Bitwise & and | operators can be used with boolean types as logical operators. The && and || operators are also used, and do have the ‘short-cut calculation’ behavior found in C++. The & and | operators do not have this ”short-cut calculation’ behavior.

4] Pointers are not available in managed code.

5] In managed code, destructors are not hit immediately when as object goes out of scope. Ie, there is no deterministic destruction.

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