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How can I have the control designer create the custom editor by calling the constructor with the additional parameters rather than the default constructor

Platform: WinForms| Category: Controls

You can do this by creating the editor yourself rather than allowing
TypeDescriptor to do it:

1) Shadow the property you care about in your designer...

	protected override void PreFilterProperties(IDictionaryProperties props) 
   		PropertyDescriptor basePD = props['MyProperty'];
   		props['MyProperty'] = new EditorPropertyDescriptor(basePD);

2) Create a property descriptor that 'wraps' the original descriptor

	private class EditorPropertyDescriptor : PropertyDescriptor 
    	private PropertyDescriptor basePD;
    	public EditorPropertyDescriptor(PropertyDescriptor base) 
        	this.basePD = base;

    	// now, for each property and method, just delegate to the base...
    	public override  TypeConverter Converter 
        	get { return basePD.Converter;  }

    	public override bool CanResetValue(object comp) 
        	return basePD.CanResetValue(comp);

		// and finally, implement GetEditor to create your special one...

3) create your editor by hand when it’s asked for

   		public override object GetEditor(Type editorBaseType) 
    		if (editorBaseType == typeof(UITypeEditor)) 
            	return new MyEditor(Param1, param2, param3);
        	return basePD.GetEditor(editorBaseType);

(from on microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.windowsforms)

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