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How do you open a link or URL in a new tab?

Platform: Blazor| Category : Routing, Tips and Tricks

A URL can be opened in a new tab either by using the NavLink component or by using JavaScript. In the NavLink component, we can specify the URL to be opened in a new tab in the href parameter. In interop’s IJSRuntime instances, the method InvokeAsyncwith parameters open, URL, and _blank are used. Here, the third parameter, _blank, is used to notify that the URL needs to be opened in the new tab.

@inject IJSRuntime jsRuntime

<NavLink href="/counter">Open</NavLink> 
<button @onclick="NavigateToNewTab">New Tab Navigation</button>

@code {

    public async Task NavigateToNewTab()
        string url = "/counter";
        await jsRuntime.InvokeAsync<object>("open", url, "_blank");

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