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How do you navigate from one component to another component in ASP.NET Core Blazor?

Platform: Blazor| Category: Routing

Navigating from link

There are two ways to link pages in Blazor:

  • Using Anchor: We normally use this in HTML.
  • Using NavLink: This is introduced in Blazor.
<h3>Anchor Link</h3>
    <a href="/navigate1">Navigate 1</a><br />

<h3>Nav Link</h3>
    <NavLink href="/navigate2">Navigate 2</NavLink><br />

Navigate from code

We can navigate to another component programmatically using the NavigationManager service:

  1. Inject the service @inject directive.
  2. Use the NavigateTo() method for navigation.
@page "/page1"
@inject NavigationManager UriHelper

<h3>Naviagte to another component Programatically</h3>
<button @onclick=@Navigate>Navigate</button>

@code {
void Navigate()

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