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How do I capture a browser KeyPress event in a Blazor server-side app and perform certain hotkey functions?

Platform: Blazor| Category: Event handling

To detect a browser keypress event, set the @onkeypress event to the corresponding element. For hotkey functions, you can use the event arguments to check whether the Ctrl, Shift, or Alt key is pressed.


@page "/"

<input type="text" @onkeypress="KeyboardEventHandler" />


@code {
    string KeyPressed = string.Empty;
    bool IsShiftKey;
    private void KeyboardEventHandler(KeyboardEventArgs args)
        if (args.ShiftKey || args.CtrlKey || args.AltKey)
            // Do some hotkey function process here
            KeyPressed = "Key Pressed is " + args.Key;

For more information on this topic, check this documentation.

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