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What is being passed back and forth in the _ViewState form control?

Platform: ASP.NET| Category: Custom Controls

The __VIEWSTATE hidden field is used to transfer the differences in controls from what is declared in the page — and the values they contain at the end of a request immediately prior to rendering. We can then use this information to re-construct the server controls to match that last rendered state during ‘postbacks’ to a page.

The information within the __VIEWSTATE field is not really encrypted — although the values are definitely ‘cyptic’ to read (mainly because server controls try to store information in as compact a format as possible — and because our serializer performs some limited compression).

You can see how much viewstate each control is saving by enabling tracing for the page. For example, by adding a trace attribute to the page directive:

<%@ Page Language='VB' Trace='True' %>

This will cause a table to be output at the bottom of the page. This won’t show the exact values stored in viewstate — but will give you a rough estimate of the size of each server control value.

Note that you can disable the viewstate feature — either for the entire page or on specific server controls. This is done at the page level by setting the following page directive:

<%@ Page Language='VB' MaintainState='False' %>

or on an individual server control by setting a ‘maintainstate’ attribute:

<asp:datagrid id='MyGrid1' maintainstate='false' runat=server/>

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