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Why does my ASP.NET file have multiple <form> tag with runat=server?

Platform: ASP.NET| Category: Basic

This means that ASP.Net is not properly registered with IIS.

.Net framework provides an Administration utility that manages the installation and uninstallation of multiple versions of ASP.NET on a single machine. You can find the file in C:\WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v**\aspnet_regiis.exe

       use the command: aspnet_regiis.exe -u ---> to uninstall current  version.
       use the command: aspnet_regiis.exe -i ---> to install current version.

For Windows Server 2003, you must use aspnet_regiis -i -enable

This is because of the ‘Web Service Extensions’ feature in IIS 6

(if you install VS.NET or the framework without IIS installed, and then go back in and install IIS afterwards, you have to re-register so that ASP.NET ’hooks’ into IIS properly.’

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