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What is the difference between src and Code-Behind

Platform: ASP.NET| Category: Basic

Src attribute means you deploy the source code files and everything is compiled JIT (just-in-time) as needed.
Many people prefer this since they don’t have to manually worry about compiling and messing with dlls — it just works.
Of course, the source is now on the server, for anyone with access to the server — but not just anyone on the web.

CodeBehind attribute doesn’t really ‘do’ anything, its just a helper for VS.NET to associate the code file with the aspx file.
This is necessary since VS.NET automates the pre-compiling that is harder by hand, and therefore the Src attribute is also gone.
Now there is only a dll to deploy, no source, so it is certainly better protected, although its always decompilable even then.

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