Windows Store Development, Succinctly Style

The latest edition of the Succinctly series may prove to be its most popular title yet. Windows Store Apps Succinctly by John Garland delivers the basics of developing Windows Store apps with the focus and clarity consistent with Syncfusion’s previous e-books. And although it is a bit longer than other titles in the Succinctly series, every page is necessary—comparable Windows Store development manuals exceed a thousand pages. The increased length is due to the paradigm shift in behavior and presentation that Windows Store apps represent in the world of Windows development, and the breadth of knowledge required to successfully participate. The new emphasis of content over glitz, fluid interaction, and immersive user experiences requires a certain level of reimagining what a Windows application is, and what it can be.

Author John Garland provides thorough guidance on everything you need to know to get started on your next-gen app. Starting with the core concepts at the center of Windows Store apps, he thoroughly discusses using XAML for creating user interfaces; managing an application’s life cycle; enabling cross-app interactivity through contracts and extensions; informing users through tiles, toasts, and other notifications; and handling the activity of device hardware and sensors. Garland even explains the process of deploying apps through the Windows Store, and using sideloading to deploy in-house apps for testing or line-of-business applications.

Download Windows Store Apps Succinctly today to stake your claim in the new realm of Windows development.We’ll see you there.


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Hey, I would like to suggest Syncfusion to deliver the wonderful ebooks in epub format. I use kobo and always have to convert them, but sometimes it does not work so well. The PDF version is always the best one, but in Kobo this format is very unpleasant to read. Thank you very much, not succintly, for those eBooks collection. I appreciate them. Best regards, from Brazil!

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