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What’s new in 2011 Volume 3

Evidently, HTML 5 is pretty big stuff. I keep hearing how much cooler and more interactive our tools will be once we re-do them for HTML 5. It’s like our ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC teams have one track minds – all HTML 5 all the time. I have to admit, our first HTML 5 control was our Diagram for ASP.NET MVC and it was very cool. The client side interactivity was just about amazing. Well, amazing for me… the last website I authored was in .NET 1.1!

Here at Syncfusion, we are so enamored of the HTML 5 standard that we are committed to creating a world class library of components just for it.

In this version we have added 5 new controls to our HTML 5 toolset: ProgressBar, UploadBox, Rating, Rotator and Waiting Popup.

Our new Pdf Viewer for WPF and Windows Forms makes our pdf package complete.

Gantt is a new control for displaying/editing project management type information.

We have created a tool to view/ edit Excel files in WPF and Silverlight, our SpreadSheet Control.

And here is a quick video talking about some of the new stuff in our 2011 volume 3 release.


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