Webinar on How Syncfusion Extends VS-Xamarin Integration

Xamarin is to development what the Rosetta Stone was to Egyptologists—a bridge to unknown languages, or at least to the languages of Objective-C and Swift, which may not be known to C# developers. Now, with the integration of Xamarin and Visual Studio, .NET developers can use C# to build native apps for Android and iOS.

Syncfusion adds a lot of power to the Microsoft-Xamarin mix by offering Essential Studio for Xamarin. Tomorrow’s webinar, Visual Studio 2017 + Xamarin + Syncfusion, presented by Aaron Melamed at 11:00 a.m. EDT, will demonstrate how you can use Syncfusion’s suite of Xamarin controls to quickly build native apps that run on Windows, Android, and iOS.

It’s probably a given that you’re excited about the promise of Xamarin, but by harnessing Syncfusion’s more than 90 Xamarin controls—the largest offering available—you’ll be able to build cross-platform apps faster from a single coding skillset.

Join us for this information-packed webinar that will show how Visual Studio 2017, Xamarin, and Syncfusion can help your team focus on the things that distinguish your application from the rest of the market.

Register now for the webinar at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/918741302255681538 or check our blog after the webinar for a link to the recording and a summary of answers to audience questions.


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