Test it. Test it good.

Unit testing plays a unique role in application development. It can be a valuable asset when used correctly, but it cannot prevent every bug from nesting itself in your project’s source code. Testing must be carefully balanced with other development considerations in order to be a constructive part of your development workflow.

With Unit Testing Succinctly, the newest addition to the Syncfusion Succinctly series, you’ll learn what you need to know to begin integrating unit testing into your projects. Author Marc Clifton provides detailed explanations and examples of what a unit is, what constitutes a test, and different tools that can be used for testing, including Visual Studio and the popular open-source .NET testing framework NUnit. Special consideration is given to how unit testing can affect the architecture of an application, and how it can be leveraged to enforce better coding practices.

If you think it’s too late to work unit testing into your current application, note that unit testing isn’t intended just for initial development. It can also be a great tool when updating or altering existing code. By writing tests for existing functions and methods, you can ensure that any changes you make won’t break anything already in place. And if you have bugs, you can use unit testing to re-create them and later demonstrate that they’ve been fixed. The benefits to be gained from unit testing can affect all steps of development. So if you’re ready to whip your code into shape, download Unit Testing Succinctly today!


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