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Syncfusion to host Xamarin Dev Days Raleigh

We will be hosting Xamarin Dev Days here at Syncfusion on Saturday, June 10th, 2017!  Join us for a day of focused, hands-on learning. Sign up here.

The morning of each event is spent exploring mobile development in expert-led sessions, while the afternoon is dedicated to coding. With Xamarin.Forms, developers can build cross-platform, native UIs with one shared C# codebase.

Our presenters will be Ed Snider, a Xamarin MVP, and Dan Rigby, Xamarin technical solutions professional at Microsoft. We are glad to have both leading sessions again. Our new colleague Aaron Melamed, product solution specialist at Syncfusion, will also participate at the event. We’re sure that Aaron will provide insight for attendees since, as he said, “I have dipped my toes into the Xamarin world after writing a cross-platform app that searches thousands of curated recipes via an API.”

We are looking forward to participating in these Xamarin Dev Days events and experiencing firsthand the energy and enthusiasm of mobile developers working with Xamarin.Forms.

If you can’t make it to our Xamarin Dev Day event but want to learn more about building cross-platform applications, check out recordings of our webinars: “What’s New in Xamarin.Forms 2.0 and Essential Studio for Xamarin,” with James Montemagno, principal program manager for Xamarin at Microsoft and “Fall Madly in Love with 10 Xamarin Charts!” You can also download Syncfusion’s free e-book, Xamarin.Forms Succinctly, check out a free trial of Essential Studio for Xamarin, or download the Community License Edition if you are an individual developer or start-up with less than $1 million USD in revenue.

We hope to see you in June!


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