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Syncfusion Big Data Platform Now in Production Release

Syncfusion is excited to announce the production release of the Syncfusion Big Data Platform. This release continues the expansion of our ground-breaking big data solution through new features and a number of improvements.

Headlining the release is Spark and HBase integration across all components of the platform, including the studio, cluster manager, C# libraries, and SDK. This may significantly improve performance for certain applications, and may provide vastly better data storage options for developers. Scientific Python support adds new capabilities, including Python package management. In providing built-in support for open source solutions, Syncfusion remains committed to meeting the practical demands of our customers.

In addition to these features, the production release includes many improvements and updates over the beta version. Improvements to the Syncfusion Big Data Studio include cluster communication behavior when working with a remote agent, improved console editor usability, and updated homepage design with backstage view to add and remove clusters. It has also received a number of usability enhancements to improve the HDFS file browser, Hive database and HBase table tree view, and the local service manager. The Cluster Manager application now supports creating and managing pseudo-node Hadoop clusters, starting and stopping all thrift services and Oozie servers, and submitting and monitoring Oozie jobs. It also has enhanced Hadoop support. Finally, the C# libraries and SDK see a variety of support updates for Spark, Hive, HBase, and other solutions.

With this release, the Syncfusion Big Data Platform is more powerful and versatile than ever before. Upgraded functionality and new features ensure that our customers are able to work with big data like never before. For a full list of updates, be sure to read our release notes. Syncfusion Plus members can download the Big Data Platform at no extra cost, and non-members can download a free 30-day trial at


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