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Succinctly Series E-book Author Q&A with Giancarlo Lelli

This interview with Directory Enabled Applications Succinctly author Giancarlo Lelli is part of a series of Q&A blog posts with our Succinctly series authors.

Why write a book for Syncfusion?

Writing a book in a general sense is something that really pushes you to dive deep into the technology you are writing about and learn a lot more about it. It is also a great way to give something back to the developer community around the world.

Writing a book for Syncfusion is more than an amazing experience. You have complete control of the contents of the book, and that gives you the ability to express yourself at your best. That is what, in my opinion, makes the Succinctly series books so amazing.

Are these books your go-to technical manuals?

Of course they are! Those books are the best starting point for every technology. They’re written by talented and passionate professionals who deal with the technology probably every minute of their working hours. They have solved problems that you probably haven’t faced yet, so why not take advantage of their experience and learn from them? With that said, I strongly recommend everyone to do the same.

What is your favorite outdated technology?

Well, I’m 22 so I guess there’s nothing that I could consider outdated.

What have you learned since writing this e-book about Directory Enabled Applications?

I’ve learned a lot about the development practices in Office 365, but right now I’m all about Windows 10 and the universal Windows platform.

 Do you have another reference that you would recommend to people interested in Directory Enabled Applications?

I sincerely recommend the Office Dev Center. Directory Enabled Apps and Office 365 are two things that these days are really coming along. So if you’re a “read-the-docs” kind of person, go to If you like something more interactive, you should check out the free courses available on the Microsoft Virtual Academy at



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